5 Things to Check Before Buying a Refurbished Gadget

5 Things to check before buying A Refurbished Gadget

Numerous smartphone consumers in today’s time argue that the happiness of purchasing
a refurbished gadget is nothing in comparison to the excitement of opening a brand-new
mobile phone that comes with the latest technology, and features and looks unbelievably
tempting with its scratch-free and luminous body smartly enclosed in a stylish box!

However, purchasing a new smartphone might not be a feasible option every time and for
everyone, especially if you are a self-proclaimed gadget freak who is always looking for the
latest models that are flourishing in the mobile phone market. Therefore, how do you make
sure that you are up for a good deal that is an absolute value for money?

Mentioned below are 5 effective tips before buying a second-hand phone that can lead to a positive buying experience for you with less likelihood of used phones or refurbished purchases gone horribly wrong.

1. Stay Away from Stolen Phones

Even if you are being tempted to a deal that is simply a steal, purchasing a stolen mobile phone is a strict no. After all, why would you get into trouble with the authorities for spending your money on a phone that has been reported as lost or stolen or for buying a refurbished phone that may have been misused in the past for the execution of unlawful activities?

To safeguard yourself from these pointless hassles, always insist that the seller offers you a soft or a hard copy of the original bill that shows his or her name as the buyer of the gadget along with other essentials such as the date and time of the original purchase, name of the store from where it was bought, warranty details, etc.

2. Physical Damage

Before buying a refurbished mobile phone, you should always check for scratches on the display and more importantly on both sides of the camera lens. Even some minor scratches on the camera lens can significantly destroy picture quality, especially in low light conditions.

3. Battery

You must always check the battery life of the device and if the battery is removable, remove it and check if you find it deformed or swollen. If it is so, it means that you would have to buy a new one sooner or sometime later. If the phone is a non-removable battery device, you can charge the phone for 15 to 20 minutes. There must not be any unnecessary heating if the battery is good.

4. Examine the Usability of the Ports and Accessories

If you are purchasing an old mobile phone along with its accessories, then you must also inspect the latter wisely and cautiously. For starters, identify if the phone charger is operational by charging the phone for a few minutes while keeping a check on the time taken to charge the phone.

5. Settle for the Best Price

Even if you are involved in all the elaborate tips listed above, you must not forget the key motivation that drove you to decide upon a refurbished phone in the first place – its price!

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