6 Reasons Why You Should Be Buying A Refurbished Phone


They say modern smartphones house more computing power than the giant supercomputers made back in the day! The last decade alone has seen exponential growth in the number of smartphone users, and to cater to the demands of this ever-growing market, manufacturers have to come up with smarter innovations every now and then.

Your little device can do everything that was earlier expected only from computers – from rendering stunning graphics in live-streaming videos to heavy gaming; you name it, you got it.

With their features and designs changing every day, it is exciting to use and own the latest devices. But how would the common consumer keep up with these trends without being a spendthrift?

Enter refurbished phones! And no, it does not mean your typical after-market, second hand mobile.

Let us clear some common misconceptions about these devices in the listicle below that gives you 6 reasons why you should be buying refurbished phones.


First things first, probably the biggest reason you could find to opt for refurbished mobiles is that they are very pocket-friendly. You can get them 30 – 70% cheaper than the market price for a fresh, out-of-the-box device.

Let’s say you wanted to get an iPhone that costs 60 thousand rupees; a refurbished iPhone could be yours for only half that price! This way, you can enjoy all the features of a brand new device even if you considered it out of your budget. Talk about saving your hard-earned money for a rainy day.


Many companies work with banks and credit card providers and come up with lucrative offers on their refurbished products. Besides already being budget-friendly, the EMI option is the icing on the cake.

When you pay in easy instalments, sometimes offered with special festive discounts, even a top-end device fits right into your budget.

Look out for low or zero-interest EMIs on the website and compare the offers carefully.


With a second hand mobile, there are high chances you may not be covered under a warranty, given the time elapsed since its manufacturing. Refurbishing gives you that peace of mind that comes naturally with a warranty. Depending on where you buy it from, the manufacturer or a third-party covers the device.

What’s more, most refurbished devices come with a one-year warranty, just like they do with a brand new piece. You have absolutely nothing to lose! Checking the terms of warranty with your supplier is a wise move though.


Worried that the refurbished iPhone you are considering could be junk? Stop! These devices go through rigorous testing from basic sound checks for speakers and microphone to advanced ones for the mother-board and software. Generally, over 30 different tests are performed, devices that failing substantially are discarded.

The phones go through a repair and replacement regimen for serious faults in parts. For instance, a ‘dead-pixel’ error arising out of a damaged screen is fixed with a new screen. If any negligible faults are found, they are mentioned in the product catalogue.


After testing, the refurbished mobiles are given an official certification. This is evidence of tests, repairs and replacements performed on the device. A ‘certified’ unit’s condition and performance are professionally re-instated and it is considered at par with the brand-new product.

This should mark a difference between used and certified mobiles – you can not be sure about the internal condition and performance of the former, the only evidence there is, being the word of the seller. With the latter, however, you can take it to the bank that it is ‘as good as new’.


It may come as a surprise, but these devices also come with a return-window. It is although a little shorter than the limit offered by brands on new units mostly has the same conditions. Sometimes, technical problems take time to surface; this is where the return window comes into the picture.

Should you find the device to be not worthy of your hands, return it within the stipulated time and the same accessories you got with it. The funds are generally returned to you, through the original form of payment, within 5-15 business days. 

Alternatively, some companies also offer a replacement – return the device, state the issue you faced and request replacement. It is a hassle-free process that relieves you from the pain of waiting for a refund and finding another device.

Things to keep in mind

Certified refurbished mobile phones can be a great cost-effective alternative to brand new devices. With a warranty, return window and financing options, there is no reason why you should not seriously consider them.

Keeping a few things in mind should reinforce your buying decision and enhance your overall experience.

Device history

You should check for specifics related to the history of a device before purchasing it solely because it seems like a great bargain. For instance, some Samsung models were infamous for exploding mid-air due to questionable batteries. A little research on the device should clear the air for you.


Buying from registered and trusted professionals should be the way to go. A local shop offering to sell you a device without an invoice could be tricking you. If you encounter any errors with it in the long-run, an invoice helps you claim the warranty.

Factory resets

Make sure that your mobile is devoid of any data and stored sensitive information. Before using it, check the applications and browser for saved passwords, photos or anything that hints to the previous owner.

If the device was tested and refurbished properly, its memory should be clear, just like a new one!


Check if the deal includes original accessories. If not, are there any supplied with the phone? While earphones might not be necessary for your decision, a charger would be an additional cost if not included.

If the accessories included are substitutes, make sure the supplier confirms their compatibility with your device, if you want to avoid performance issues.

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