A Discussion on Refurbished Market Trends

A Discussion on Refurbished Market Trends

In India, the trend to buy refurbished phones has steadily been gaining attraction.
Smartphones have become a truly indispensable part of our lives, and it is not always
possible to keep up with the refurbished market prices. In this case, refurbished phones
will be very beneficial to those who want to stick to a budget. 

The country’s refurbished business has benefited from a growing user base and increased
value sensitivity, with the market for used mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices
on the rise. In India, there are several participants in the refurbished devices industry, one of
which is Xtracover.

Mr Soumitra Gupta, the CEO of Xtracover, spoke about his company’s achievements,
what attracts customers to refurbished products, and more in a conversation. 

The biggest obstacle they overcame while developing Xtracover:

Mr. Soumitra Gupta mentioned that Xtracover is a platform dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction. Their core team includes a broad collection of experts with over 20 years of experience in maintenance, refurbishment, guarantee maintenance, and process management. In addition to substantial industry experience, the highly sophisticated team has long-term OEM and ODM networks. Due to its robust local and global supply chain, the company has a strong advantage over others in the industry.

Xtracover overview:

Xtracover is India’s fastest-growing online platform that caters to the whole range of after-sales services for electronic devices and electrical appliances. A one-stop solution for all your repair, service, and maintenance requirements, Xtracover is a unit of Aforeserve Technologies (P) Ltd (ATPL).

Based in New Delhi, ATPL was established by the founder and core team of Aforeserve.com Ltd. which boasts a legacy of over 20 years of experience in IT repairs and services. The company commenced operations towards the end of 2019 to provide the best-refurbished gadgets and exceptional after-sales services, the company envisions accomplishing itself as a premium consumer brand in the market.

A comparison with other reliable platforms operating in the market and why customers should choose Xtracover over them.

With a focus on customer delight, Xtracover is a leader in this newly organized sector. All Refurbished Smartphones sold on Xtracover’s platform come with a one-year warranty and are checked and certified by XCQC’s 64-parameter quality check system. The e-commerce platform allows customers to place orders and deliver those goods pan-India. All this contributes to a higher level of trust in refurbished goods, which broadens the industry.

How did Xtracover perform during the COVID era?

Xtracover started operating towards the end of 2019. Then followed the Covid epidemic and shutdowns, and when products like refurbished iPhones were considered non-essentials. Performance in 2020 was therefore not very good. However, this gave the company a chance to learn and establish itself as a brand. 

Business Expectations for the year 2022:

To increase its global reach, the company plans to establish Export Oriented Units (EOU) in India in the long term. It intends to obtain devices from clients in other countries, refurbish them in EOU facilities, and then ship the items back.

Given that refurbished items cannot be imported for refurbishment and reselling in India, one strategy for increasing the company’s global reach is to send them back. 

If refurbished goods like a used mobile phone could provide the best value to the customer, the market will start tilting to this end. After all, Xtracover offers a mobile phone warranty on every smartphone sold. The industry is expected to get bigger and better in the future.

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