Benefits of buying refurbished laptops


Buying refurbished laptops is a growing trend in India, and people from across the board are choosing to purchase refurbished laptops to avail its many benefits. 

If you buy a refurbished laptop with enough caution; you can find a product that surpasses your expectation and can be bought at a price that is very reasonable. You may have a particular laptop in mind which has all the right specifications but is otherwise too expensive. In such circumstances, you can always buy a refurbished version of that laptop at an affordable price. 

These refurbished laptops can either be second hand laptops, returned laptops (Laptops that are immediately returned after being opened) or can even be showroom display pieces. 

If you are planning to buy a Laptop; considering a refurbished one is also not a bad idea.  Here are some of the advantages of buying a refurb laptop:

  1. No compromise of specifications

The Brand and the specifications are two important things that are considered while buying a laptop. Getting the best of both, however, i.e. a top brand with the right specifications can be exorbitant, to say the least. 

One way to get around this problem is to go for a refurbished laptop. If you find the right supplier for refurbished laptops, you’ll get a good number of options to choose from, and you may even find exactly the specs you are looking for. You can even get add-on and additional specs updated on the laptop, and also buy laptop accessories to make the laptop; easier to use. 

  1. Properly tested products 

You may assume that a refurbished laptop will have latent defects that will reappear after you have used it for a while. This risk is not entirely unfounded, but, you can easily do away with it by choosing a reliable supplier. 

If you buy a refurbished laptop from a reliable source, you can rest assured that the quality will not be compromised. The refurbished laptops offered by an authorised supplier are professionally restored; all its defects and cosmetic faults are fixed, and the product is adequately tested before it is put on the shelf for sale. 

  1. Cost effective 

The laptops offered by the top brands in the world can be quite expensive, and not everyone may have the means to buy them. Especially for people who have just started out in their career; buying a new laptop can be rather heavy on the pocket. 

A refurbished laptop, on the other hand, can give you all the specs and the user experience that you expect from a top-end laptop, and at a price that is far less than the original product. You may even find a fully loaded laptop at a price that is too good to be true. 

If you are young a professional looking for a high-quality but inexpensive laptop; refurbished laptops are one of the best options for you to consider. 

  1. Warranty Benefits

Warranty is something that we expect from the manufacturers only. Some warranty, however, is also provided on refurbished phones and laptops, if you buy it from authorised sellers. 

Depending on where you buy the refurbished laptop form you can get varied levels of warranty. If, for example, you buy a refurbished laptop from Xtracover, you’ll get a warranty of up to 1 year on the laptop. 

Before you make the purchase, however, you should carefully check the issues and damages that the warranty covers and also examine the exclusions. Some authorised sellers also provide the option of buying an extended warranty on their laptops and phones. 

  1. Environment benefits

By choosing refurbished phones, you also get an opportunity to give back to the planet. Electronic waste is something that is considered detrimental for the environment, and by using a refurbished laptop or other electronic devices you lower the amount of electronic waste that gets produced. 

In our times, when problems like pollution and global warming have started to affect our lives; even small contributions like using refurbished laptops and phones can help. 

  1. Sold by authorised seller

While thinking of refurbished laptops; people often imagine buying a second hand device from the back alleys of an electronics market. This representation is, however, a thing of the past. 

Refurbished laptops are now sold by well reputed and authorised sellers who offer products that are restored  professionally. In addition to the high-quality refurbished laptops, authorised sellers also offer many additional services like extended warranty, annual maintenance contracts & repair services etc.  

  1. They could be as good as new

Some of the laptops offered by authorised sellers are second-hand and used, but many of them are also new unboxed laptops; which are returned back almost immediately either because of some minor defect or other similar reasons. 

These laptops, which are as good as new, are also sold in the refurbished market and can be bought by willing buyers at a very reasonable price. 

  1. Easy repair & maintenance 

If you buy a refurbished laptop from a trusted dealer; you will not only get a great product, but you’ll also be offered a host of services along with it. Providers like Xtracover offer many services like door step repair services, annual maintenance contracts and other services under one roof.  

  1. Finance options 

Many of the top refurbished phones and laptop sellers also offer easy repayment options to their customers. There are enough cost benefits in buying a refurbished laptop already, and the additional EMI options is another cherry on the icing. 


If you want to get your money’s worth; refurbished laptops are the thing for you. You get a tested and fully functional laptop at a heavily discounted price and in addition to this; you get benefits like warranty and easy finance options. 

Whether you have budget constraints or you are looking for particular specs for a reasonable price; Refurbished laptops are a perfect solution for both the needs. Refurbished laptops, you can say, are “a smart choice, for the smart buyer”.

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