Buy a Refurbished iPhone 11 on XtraCover

Buy a Refurbished iPhone 11 on XtraCover

Get a refurbished iPhone 11 for up to 40% less than a new one – all of Xtracover’s quality
refurbished iPhones are thoroughly inspected and come with a guarantee.

Each one has gone through our monitoring and review and has been redesigned by our
in-house experts utilising certified parts. In addition, each refurbished iPhone 11 comes with
our industry-leading guarantee.

The Apple iPhone 11‘s best feature has to be its Super Retina HD screen. Not to add its dual 12MP Ultra Broad and Wide lenses, both of which have Night function! Furthermore, you get all of iOS 14’s latest and greatest without the exorbitant price of that of a whole new device.

Purchasing a used iPhone 11 is not only pocket-friendly, but environment-friendly too.

Key features of the Refurbished iPhone 11:

Here are the features of the Apple iPhone 11 that we like the most:

  • Dark Mode and Deep Integration, a new approach for the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro to shoot images in dimly lit backdrops, are excellent ultra-wide-angle cameras.
  • 6.1″ Edge to Edge LCD Fluid Retina screen, which is almost as excellent as the Super Retina XDR showcase on the iPhone 11 Pros.
  • A revolutionary new lithium polymer battery that lasts an extra hour than the similar iPhone XR and gives additional battery capacity than any other previous iPhone.
  • Incredible water-resistant constructions that will keep you dry for thirty min in elevations of up to 2 meters.

Purchasing a Used iPhone 11:

We specialize in luxury refurbished iPhone 11s of the best standard, as well as other models. If you’re seeking to purchase an iPhone 11, be sure it’s in good working order. That’s why we use a quality assurance system, a super accurate rating scheme, to assess all of our products.

Explanation of the conditions of our refurbished iPhone 11:

  • Premium Shape: The item is in excellent or near-excellent status. The shell and screen are free of blemishes and damage.
  • Excellent condition: Light micro-scratches to the case and screen may be detected at 20 cm and are very modest indicators of use.
  • Moderate evidence of use may be seen at 20cm, such as scratches and bruises on the shell and screen.
  • Safer for your bank account, good for the planet
  • Choose an Apple iPhone 11 from Xtracover to treat yourself and the environment. You save cash, and we save emissions and e-waste jointly.

What does it mean to have a reconditioned iPhone 11?

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what refurbishment implies, so we’ve put together some kind of guidebook to clarify everything. In most cases, it indicates that a refurbished iPhone 11 has been fixed by the factory or a competent refurbished and returned to its original or excellent state.

Is the iPhone 11 a good investment right now?

The refurbished iPhone 11 is now an excellent value in our opinion. This model offers a big increase in performance above its iPhone XS max forerunner and is nearly as good as the current iPhone 12. For the pricing, we think it’s a great deal, and this should survive for a few generations!

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