Certified Refurbished Gadget from Xtracover: A Sensible Choice

Certified Refurbished Smartphone

Many of you are confused with the Word Refurbished and mistake it to be a second-hand or a user device. But that’s not entirely true – A refurbished mobile or a device simply means it was previously owned by someone.

They are as good as new and even have the reseller warranty intact. It passes through stringent quality checks just like a new box packed device and is in perfect working condition.

Albeit the gadget was owned by someone else and it might have some negligible scratches on the outer body.

Is it safe to buy these Refurbished Devices?

Refurbished smartphones and other refurbished electronic gadgets are gaining tremendous popularity as trusted and certified resellers are now emerging into the electronic industry.

Why does it make sense to buy refurbished mobiles you may ask? One of the reasons is obvious- it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and you get a product that is as good as new.

In certain cases, it is only the box that has been opened or a minor scratch somewhere on the outer body of the device. Look out for a refurbished tag or words like pre-owned, reconditioned etc.

while browsing online for refurbished devices. Most of the time refurbished phones are brand new phones that were returned just after unboxing simply because they did not like the look of the device.

In some cases, refurbished gadgets are gadgets that had some minor manufacturing defects that were fixed and then resold under the “refurbished” category at a lower price.

One of the main reasons that you must buy a refurbished gadget is your contribution to the environment.

When you dispose of your smartphone, for example, it is directly dumped into landfills. But imagine if you give it a chance to be circulated longer after refurbishing it, the demand for our earth’s depleting resources is minimized. 

Electronic gadgets contain plastic parts, rare earth elements and lithium-ion batteries that are very difficult to dispose of.

It thus makes sense to refurbish these gadgets and keep them circulated in the market at a discounted price for a longer period. A Win-Win situation for you and the environment.

refurbished smartphone looking brand new

Certified Refurbished Vs Refurbished?

It is obvious that a Certified Refurbished would be a better bet than just a Refurbished device.

One and the most important reason why it makes sense to buy refurbished gadgets is their warranty.

A normal refurbished mobile phone/electronic gadgets are generally sold “as-it-is” meaning that they are on a non-returnable basis.

Such products are not taken back by the reseller or manufacturer in case you face any issues.

But when you buy a certified refurbished device it comes with a 6 month or a year warranty given by the manufacturer/reseller. The device can also be returned if found defective within the warranty period.

Tips for a Good Bargain: Buy Certified Refurbished Devices

Products that are “refurbished” by the manufacturer or reseller are put through many layers of quality testing and checks and only after that are approved to be sold again.

Once the devices are put for testing and approved, they become “Certified Refurbished” which means the product is now up to the manufacturer’s quality standards and as good as new.

So, when you are buying refurbished products online, check out the Certified Tag before shortlisting. Some other pointers to look out for are :

  1. Check out the warranty provided- it would be either provided by the manufacturer or the reseller for a limited period. Most trusted sellers carry out several stringent quality tests and checks to make sure that the device is in perfect working condition before offering it for sale. 
  2. Paper Work: Proofread all the documents provided with your refurbished electronic device just the way you do when you buy a brand-new gadget. 

Do a thorough reading of the Fine Prints for any hidden terms and conditions that will create problems later in any unforeseen circumstances. XCQC will never do something like that- you get what we promise. There is a one-year warranty attached to your purchase and you can even return your device should you encounter any defects on your purchase.

Xtracover: Your best choice for Refurbished Devices

Now that I have pretty much cleared your thoughts on Refurbished Devices, let me help you further with where is the best and safe place to buy your chosen refurbished device. 

XtraCover is one of the top-rated online marketplaces for your one-stop solution for refurbished smartphones/mobile phones/laptops/tabs etc. XtraCover offers SaaS Products, Warranty Services, the Sale of Refurbished Mobiles & Laptops, Repairs and other related value-added solutions for mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other electronic appliances.

Our business online at www.xtracover.com offers a plethora of services to its customer database including

Why should you trust us?

We offer a range of refurbished gadgets and smartphones that are Xtracover Certified. Customers get a one-year Xtracover warranty that is absolutely transparent when you purchase a phone through us. 

XtraCover XCQC is a mobile diagnostic & quality check solution that performs an in-depth analysis of a mobile device’s internal & external components and sensors and thus improves the longevity of your electronic device. Visit us at xtracover.com  if you are looking for Certified Refurbished Gadgets or need more information! We will assure you the best of services and your purchase completed right at your doorstep.

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