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Mobile Repair Service at Xtracover

We all know that smartphones are being upgraded to newer models within a short span, urging us to ditch our current device for a more advanced model. This not only pinches the pocket but also damages our environment. The more we demand newer smartphones every 2-3 years we put greater pressure on our natural resources that are depleting so fast. 

The best solution we can reconsider is to prolong the use of your existing smartphone as long as you can. Nowadays every part of your smartphone or any technological device is easily repairable at economical costs and makes your device last longer without any trouble.

So next time you are facing problems with your current device and feel like making a new purchase, think twice and reconsider if you can repair it instead! Not only are you not upsetting your budget but you are doing your bit to save our earth’s limited natural resources. 

Let’s make it simple for you. Go on reading ahead about where and how to get your smartphone repaired absolutely tension-free!

XTRACOVER: Mobile/Laptops Repair Service

XtraCover is one of India’s leading smartphone repair services vendors on an online platform that is accessible to all parts of the country. Armed with a team of technicians having over 20 years of experience in quality repair, gives XtraCover an advantage in the accumulated knowledge in technical repairs.

The highly-trained technicians can effectively repair and replace all the damaged components of almost all brands in India.

So, whether it is a smartphone cracked screen, a motherboard issue on your laptop or your mobile phone or even water damaged components, we are right here and our well-trained technical teams will get your device up and running in no time to get you connected back to your loved ones.

Affordable Refurbished Phone with quality checks

What sets XtraCover apart?

XtraCover is proud of its huge database of satisfied customers made in the last couple of years. Customer satisfaction with quality repairs has been our motto since our inception and we go the extra mile to keep that motto intact. We are proud of the fact that we have managed to devote ourselves to customer satisfaction and would continue to do the same. 

Our factories are set up as per global norms with world-class amenities and utilities for faster processing of repairs of all devices. We follow the ESD safe environment norms that ensure that the quality of repair we do is not compromised at all. 

As reinstated above, our technical expert team has tremendous experience working with OEMs and ODMs of the electronics industry. Our processes are designed in such a way that they are also certified by them. 

Today, the most important thing is data security and one is always worried about sending mobile phones/laptops to any shop. No one likes their data to be misused and poses a great area of concern. But not anymore. XtraCover is right here that offers you complete security of your data on your devices, something that will never be offered by your local shop near you. 

There is no use in sending your mobile phone/laptop to a local shop that does not have a good inventory supply chain. It’s a waste of time and only delays the process of having your device back in good working condition. XtraCover is where you can trust. We have a global supply chain for maintaining spare parts inventory and thus you as a customer will never face delays in your repairs due to the non-availability of components or spare parts. 

Needless to say, XtraCover stands by its motto and promises to use only spare parts that are of superior quality and put through stringent tests before they are being used. Every component is put through several stages of tests before it is passed to be used for repairing your device. 

So How does it Work?

Simple Steps with the click of a button and you are done!

Let’s talk about our Warranty Services

Local shops around you do not offer any warranty on the repaired mobile phone and there is always a probability of the phone not functioning properly even post repairs.

This mainly happens when you use substandard quality spare parts that are not reliable. At XtraCover, we go a step ahead and offer you a warranty of 3-6 months on all repairs that were done at our end.

Yes! That’s how sure we are of our quality spare parts. In an unlikely event, if your repaired mobile device troubles you again, XtraCover offers free repair/exchange services on its spare parts and components if it’s within the warranty period. 

Customers may buy an extended warranty for new devices at economical prices from us and be tensionless.

Get your phone serviced/repaired totally hassle-free right from the comfort of your home. You will be surprised to see our doorstep pickup and delivery process and timelines for mobile repair services.

Enjoy top-notch services of a professional environment which you will definitely not see when dealing in an unorganized sector of the same industry.

XtraCover can proudly boast that we are offering better prices than branded service centres do for out-of-warranty repair services

So,  If you are looking for any of the following, just step into XtraCover.com and you will not be disappointed. The convenience of Doorstep services-pickup and delivery of mobile phones

Onsite (Your place) repairs of IT Products by our skilled technicians

Great prices and quality of repair is unmatched

Data Security

Transparency to you during the entire repair service

XtraCover is owned by Aforeserve Technologies Pvt. Limited. XtraCover offers SaaS Products, Warranty Services, Sale of Refurbished Mobile & Laptops, Repairs and other related value-added solutions for mobile phones, laptops, tablets and home appliances. Visit us now at XtraCover.com  for more information

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