How buying a refurbished laptop is a smart decision?


Every gadget freak wants to buy a laptop that encompasses the best features within a reasonable budget. Well, that is fair enough. But looking for an all-new laptop with all the cutting edge technologies while being cost-effective at the same time is not possible. There is a way out and that is by purchasing refurbished laptops which is also way better than buying laptops second hand. In today’s world where technology is advancing every passing day, it is now possible for individuals to opt for refurbish laptops that have value for money and integrates state of the art technology. 

What is a refurbished laptop? 

Before heading on to how refurb laptops can be better for you, you must have a thorough understanding of what exactly is a refurbished laptop. Refurbished laptops are those which are returned by the buyers after opening the package because, either the buyer changed his mind or the packaging was marred, even if it was functioning well. Certified dealers such as XtraCover acquire these laptops from certified manufactures and put them through as many as thirty-six quality screenings to investigate any possible defects. Once the device is successfully repaired and its overall condition is completely restored, it is packaged and prepared for resale. 

It is important to note here that there is a difference between refurbished laptops and buying laptops second hand. While refurbished laptops have thorough quality assurance and are brand new in nature, second-hand laptops are those that have been used by the existing owner for quite a while. Moreover, used or second-hand laptops do not offer quality assurance or warranty. It entirely works on the words of the seller. 

Reasons that make purchasing refurbished laptop a smart choice

There are plenty of reasons that make purchasing a refurbished laptop a smart choice. Some of these reasons are listed below. Keep reading. 

Highly cost-effective

The price of a good original laptop may not always work out as they are quite exorbitant. By buying a refurbished laptop, you will be able to fairly seal a good deal within your estimated budget and maybe even at a price lesser than that. Although it may be true that it is not possible to get the exact model you are looking for, by doing a good amount of research, you will definitely get a laptop with all the specifications you were particularly looking for. To make it easier for you, we have done a bit of digging and found out that XtraCover has a wide range of refurbished laptops comprising the latest models with all the upgraded technologies. By burning a refurbished laptop, you are in to save more than 50% of what you were originally paying, which would be totally worth the savings. 

Refurb laptops are completely tested

Another crucial reason for buying refurb laptops is because they are well tested and examined. But, that’s not the same for brand new laptops. Thus refurbished laptops are actually more trustworthy as they are tried and tested which makes them ten times better than a new laptop. Moreover, with new laptops, it is hard to evaluate whether you will receive a fully functional or entirely dysfunctional device. 

Although it is not wrong to assume that refurb laptops had certain existing defects but you can rest assured about their functionality as they are sent for multiple QA screening. Following this, all the existing defaults are completely resolved. 

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Top-notch specifications

Choosing a refurbished laptop is a smart move as you can get all the top-notch specifications within your calculated budget that you were looking for in a new laptop. If you are lucky enough, you may even get added specifications that were completely off the table while buying a new laptop while exhausting your budget limits. Moreover, nowadays people tend to go for refurbished laptops because of their higher degree of performance when compared to an all-new device with lesser specifications. 

Assured warranty of the device

Yes! You read it correctly! Refurbished laptops, just like any other brand new laptop, come with an assured warranty of the product. Certain certified refurb websites such as Xtracover, walk an extra mile for their customers and provide an assured extended warranty for a period of twelve months. If you have the slightest doubt about buying a refurbished laptop, the provision of a warranty period will be readily available to you to ease you from any future worries. Moreover, the return policies too are quite convenient and hassle-free. Hence, if you feel there is any problem with the product, you can easily return it without any worries. 

Comes with the accessories 

Just like any other brand new laptop, a refurbished laptop comes with all the accessories. Therefore, you do not have to worry about that at all. Moreover, the cost of these will be entirely covered under the displayed price. Well, can it be any better? You get to keep the laptop as well as its accessories, such as charger and laptop bag at a throwaway price. 

Environment friendly

Refurbished laptops are completely environment friendly. If you are a nature lover and environment person, a refurbished laptop is definitely a green choice. The devices and their parts are reused and recycled, which safeguards any further damage to our debilitating ecosystem. Rejecting brand new laptops for petty issues is depleting the environment. Buying a refurbished device can help in solving this problem to a great extent. 

You get to make an informed purchase

Refurbished laptops are those models that already exist in the market. Thus, this gives you the advantage of checking out the reviews of the different devices before buying one of them. You get to learn about the specifications and functionality of the devices well beforehand. After surveying all your options, you can narrow down your choices and choose the best of them all. On the other hand, you do not get this facility with brand new laptops that have just launched in the market. 

Refurbished laptops are high-quality products where no compromises are made with the existing features of the device. Moreover, it comprises all the benefits of a brand new laptop. Thus, with the option of refurbished laptops, it is now possible for any individual to purchase the laptop of their choice, which will not burn a hole in their pocket.

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