How can an Extended Warranty on a Smartphone save your money?

How can an Extended Warranty on a Smartphone save your money?

When buying a pricey item like a smartphone, you may have noticed that the store sometimes gives you an extended warranty for your new phone at checkout. These extended warranties appeal to discerning buyers who make careful decisions when buying premium items because they offer coverage beyond the life of the manufacturer’s warranty.

When you pull out your wallet to pay for such a premium item, it’s hard not to be attracted by the extended warranty sales pitch, even if it drives up the purchase cost by thousands of bucks. On the other hand, are extended warranties worth it?

At XtraCover, we have helped thousands of customers understand and deal with their phone’s warranty coverage. Let us move on to know the difference between an extended warranty on mobile phones and other types of phone coverage.

Difference between Extended Warranty and Other Coverage Types:

1. Extended Warranty: Extended warranty means extending the original manufacturer’s warranty for a specified period. In general, the new warranty will cover everything protected under the old one. However, in most situations, this is specifically related to faults or gadget malfunctions, not cracked screens, water damage, or problems caused by the customer.

2. Phone Insurance: Phone insurance is for those who want additional coverage for accidental damage, handling, and other critical areas. In most situations, this is more expensive than an extended warranty but less expensive if someone needs replacement or repair service.

3. Device Protection Claim: A device protection claim goes far beyond phone insurance for those looking to go all-inclusive. Mobile carriers usually provide this, which includes extras like tech support, additional cloud storage, and coverage for all kinds of accidents and damages.

Let us know the importance of Extended Warranty for those who want to buy it:

1. Defects Happen

As stated earlier, the primary purpose of extended warranties is to cover manufacturer defects and gadget malfunctions. It is often cheaper to protect yourself in case of this type of crisis, and it will be worth it if one does arise.

2. Peace of Mind

An extended warranty works the same way insurance does – it gives you complete peace of mind. Most people who buy a high-priced phone get it insured against financial loss. The extended warranties are beneficial for owning expensive phones such as iPhones, Samsung models, etc.

After the Expiration of the Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Likewise, some of these manufacturing defects will not appear immediately. Before showing signs of wear and tear, some phones may operate normally for some time. In these cases, an extended warranty is favourable and goes beyond the manufacturer’s.

Savings in the Long Run:

When you buy an insurance policy or an extended warranty for your refurbished mobile phone, you actually protect your mobile phone from any kind of damage. If something goes wrong, you are safe, which will ultimately save you money in the long run. Get the benefit of the extended warranty offered by XtraCover.

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