How to Get the Right value for money for your phone?

How to Get the Right value for money for your phone?

Whenever a new-generation phone replaces an expensive flagship smartphone, it is
usual practice for smartphone companies to sell it at a discounted rate. OEMs that chose
to sell first-generation smartphones, although they fall within the mid-range classification,
are also fighting for your cash in roughly the very same budget category.

Here, we’ll show you three reasons why you should choose a first-generation
mid-range mobile phone over a luxury phone from the newest generation.

1. Hardware Assistance

When we say “hardware compatibility,” we’re referring to the amount that you can avoid getting the feared “that replacement component is no longer manufactured for your smartphone” statement from the men at the repair centre.

Put bluntly, an OEM may have a flexible rule that after about 2-3 years after the device’s production starts, it will stop producing replacement parts such as battery and display assemblies. In comparison to a year (or more) of old blockbuster gadgets, a freshly announced mid-range phone will start the 2-3-year cycle from scratch.

2. Updates to Technology

Although a flagship product is usually only updated for a few months after its debut, a firm will almost always prioritize software upgrades for its most electronic applications. An additional bonus is that a recently released mid-range device usually comes pre-installed with the most recent (or as close to the most recent as the maker can acquire) Android operating system.

To give you an example, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 was only recently switched to Android Lollipop, while the Galaxy A8 came out of the package with Lollipop.

3. Subtleties in Hardware

There are occasions when a year’s worth of developments can result in considerable hardware modifications. The Samsung Galaxy S5, for instance, used a clumsy swiping action to scan biometrics.  Samsung’s Galaxy A8 features one that functions simply by tapping it—a solution that beats the alternatives every time. Micro SD enlargement, for example, is only available on mid-range smartphones in some circumstances.

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