How you can Sell your Old smartphone Online?

Sell your smartphone

Smartphones have evolved at an unprecedented rate in the last few decades. From heavy and bulky devices that would barely fit into one’s pocket, to slim and sleek pieces of art, smartphones have come a long way. 

The ever-changing dimension in the smartphone market compels us to stay updated with the latest trend in design, technology and appeal of new devices that enter the scene every day. However, while keeping up with our urges to get newer, improved devices, what do we do with the old ones? The most logical answer is to sell your smartphone. The reasons being better offers and convenience.

One of the best ways is to sell them online. How do I sell my phone online, you ask? Read on to find out!

How do to sell smartphones online?

The best deals you can get for your used smartphones are online! This is because online websites provide a fair device valuation for your used smartphone as compared to your local mobile store. These devices are refurbished for sales to partners or have their parts used for other devices before the leftovers are recycled responsibly. 

The best part, it takes less than a minute to get a quote and you can sell mobile online within 24 hours!

Why sell your smartphone in the first place?

The plethora of brands, models and options available in the market today provide consumers with hundreds of options to choose from. Some of us choose smartphones that resonate with our personality, while some like value for money. 

Ever-evolving technology makes it virtually impossible to stick to one make and model for an extended period. But what do you do with your old phones when you keep buying new ones? Well, you sell your smartphone!  

Often, our old devices keep lying around the house and collect dust – just to have their worth reduced overtime and eventually being thrown in the junk. On the other hand, it is much wiser to get rid of things we do not use and do not expect to use for extended periods and there is nothing compared to getting some cash for them!

One of the reasons why selling items puts people off is the cumbersome paperwork and illogical time frames of transaction execution. With Xtracover, you can get rid of this worry – all this gets done with a few mouse clicks. 

Steps to sell old smartphone online

Many websites offer services where you can sell mobile online. It is as easy as a child’s play – all you need to do is to follow a few simple steps listed below.

Know your device

Check the make, model and basic specifications like RAM, total memory through phone settings for your reference – these would come in handy later. 

Carry the original accessories

If you possess original accessories and accompaniments that came with the phone, such as earphones, the box and charger, locate them because they would contribute to the best price. While things like invoices are not an absolute necessity, they would help you establish warranty and get a better valuation. 

Visit your preferred website

Visit a website like Xtracover that offers you the best price for your used device through your phone or PC. While third-party apps and ad websites put you through the problems of negotiating prices directly with buyers, Xtracover cuts through the middle-men and takes care of everything. 

Provide required information

Enter relevant details like brand, model, and other details about the condition of the device per the prompts in the ‘sell’ section.

Evaluate the quote

The website bot gives you the best possible quote for your device according to the input details – you would be pleasantly surprised with the offer.

Proceed to sell

If you like the quote, proceed to confirm it, enter your personal information and voila! The company representative from your location would pick up your device on the date and time agreed upon by you and the pick up is free of cost to you!

Yes, It is really that simple! Essentially, the whole process consists of just three steps – get the price, decide pick-up slots and get the funds through your preferred mode of payment before the device leaves your doorstep!

Few tips to help you out

Now that you got the answer to ‘sell my phone online’, here are a few helpful tips that could be helpful when you decide to sell your mobile.

  • Always back up your data before you say to yourself, ‘I should sell my phone online’. Reputed companies like Xtracover would make sure that your data is not compromised after the phone you sold is refurbished and sold to another buyer; however, it is always better that you delete or back-up sensitive information for your peace of mind. 
  • Sync your contacts with online drives like Google drive or Onedrive before you sell your mobile. You do not want to waste a lot of time-saving all those contacts all over again in your new phone or risk losing them just because you forgot to back them up.
  • Sign out of all personal accounts and delete stored passwords in browsers like chrome so you can safely log in from other devices and there is no risk of compromised accounts after you sell your mobile.

How secure is the online transaction?

The whole transaction is incredibly secure and uses state of the art technology. Money transfer to your account is done through secure serves using top-notch encryption methodologies and the transfer happens before the pick-up partner leaves your premises. Financial and transactional records are kept confidential and the data is not shared with any third parties. So you can rest assured, all your data is locked away and only accessible to you.

While you keep up with the latest trends and technological requirements of this day and age, selling your device online would give you a dual benefit. It will reduce the financial burden of owning a new device and ensure you get rid of an excess item that would rather be lying around your house uselessly – talk about minimalism. 

Check out the best prices for your device here and schedule a hassle-free pick-up today! 

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