Is it safe to buy a refurbished laptop? Where can I buy a refurbished laptop?

refurbished laptop

When you have a constrained budget and are in dire need of a new laptop, you can go for refurbished laptops. While you might not get the freshest models, you will certainly get service worth your buck. There are various pros and cons of buying a refurbished device. They are as follows.

Pros of refurbished laptop

  • Good deal at a lower cost- if your current device is a few years old, going for a brand new model may not be cost-effective. Instead, the refurbished model of the previous year’s upgrade can be very valuable to you, at a comparatively lower cost.
  • They are eco-friendly- using refurb laptops can reduce a significant amount of e-waste. Since we are reusing the technology, the chances of harmful chemicals leaking into the environment from landfills are decreased.
  • Getting a laptop from a refurbishment shop can still get you a warranty of up to a year, which offers further protection against technical glitches or physical defects.

Cons of refurbished laptop

  • One of the disadvantages of refurbished products can be a dearth in choice or customisation. You might want the latest specifications but you will probably not find them in a refurbishment place, such is the nature of this business.
  • While buying refurbished ones is better than buying laptops second hand, there can still be lapses in quality checks. The market is flooded with many fraudsters that trick you into buying faulty pieces that will start causing problems soon enough.
  • Even if the laptops go through various quality checks, there are bound to be minor scratches and dents here and there. You will not find this problem if you opt to go for a brand new laptop.

After carefully going through the benefits and the drawbacks of refurb laptops, we can say that, yes, it is safe to buy one as long as it is refurbished and sold by a trusted and experienced source.

Where can you get a refurbished laptop?

There are many companies like Dell and HP that deal with certified sellers that specialise in refurbishment. When you go to these sellers, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you are sure to get a good deal on some quality products. They make sure all the refurbished laptops go through rigorous testing, repairing, and other tests to maintain quality. Moreover, they also provide a warranty which you may not get while buying laptops second hand. Problems arise when you directly buy from the previous owner. The state of the laptop will be uncertain and there is no justification for the price tag. Hence, it is always wise to buy refurbished laptops from an experienced seller.

Xtracover is one such seller that provides refurbished laptops that are worth your money. They use 36 quality parameters to make sure the devices are good as new so that the buyers get bang for their buck. Furthermore, they also provide a 12-month warranty that further ensures security against any fault or problem the user may encounter. Xtracover is certainly a trustworthy source to get yourself a new laptop at a feasible price.

While buying a brand new device will fulfil all your fancies, going for a refurbished one can be as good a buy when bought from an equally certifiable seller.

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