Recycling your Gadgets: When we don’t need something, it must go somewhere!

recycling the gadgets

Yes, even in the technological world, recycling is the right thing to do. You may be surprised that even your gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, desktops and your tabs can be recycled completely. You are not only getting rid of a device you don’t need anymore but you are also not harming the environment either!

On average, a mobile phone takes only 2-3 years to become obsolete and outdated and hence comes a need to change it every 2 years. Can you imagine what happens to obsolete mobile phones? Yes, you can recycle them!

Let’s dive in further on this concept of technological recycling and how must you go about it.

Technological Advancements: Recycling of Electronic Gadgets

Recycling is something you are not new to but yes It has been happening even in the technological world and should continue so for the sake of our environment.

Recycling technological devices simply involve re-using the materials of your devices and using them somewhere else. Just the way you recycle other home products, your mobile phones are also recycled.

For an e.g., your mobile phone is made up of various parts and materials like plastic, metal, lead and even Aluminium.

You are aware that each of these materials is very much recyclable and reusable somewhere else.

This does not mean that an electronic device that is recycled is used to convert into a new electronic device.

The materials from your device are simply extracted and used those materials for altogether another product.

Gadgets getting recycled

How does one Recycle your Electronic Gadgets?

There is nothing to fret about as the process and procedure is very simple to follow but are necessary to safeguard your private data and information that is in your electronic device. There are a few things you must do first.

Log out everything

Most mobile users do use their devices for banking, accounting etc. and the first thing you must do is remove all your pin codes and passwords from your device.

Log out from all your accounts. You also need to simultaneously delete all information that is highly confidential in nature.

Remove SD/SIM Cards

Your Sim card carries all your personal information and confidential data. You don’t want it going into the wrong hands when you hand over your device to another company.

Make sure you have removed all the SIM inserted into your phone/electronic device including SD memory cards that you might have added to your gadget.

Let’s briefly go through what happens to your device once you have given it for recycling.

The 1st step involves recyclers sorting the ones that can be still used as a device and the ones where the parts or materials can be used. The ones that can be used as a device by itself is sent out to some other nation and the remaining they start the process of recycling themselves.

The 2nd step involves detaching the batteries and giving them away. The batteries are often sent to the concerned department and the remaining phone is shredded under a very high temperature and reducing the device to a mere dust.

The 3rd step involves taking the dust to a smelter and important metal products are extracted. The extracted metals are then used to make into other things. The plastic used in the device are granulated to form another material to be used in different products

The final stage involves the transportation of all extracted materials to manufacturers for their use. If any material is used for making edible products, they are first detoxified to remove any harmful substance in it.

And you ask why is it so important?

  1. Save our Depleting Resources

The importance of recycling electronic devices is no different from recycling other products we use in our day-to-day life. Let’s be honest, it really saves our earth’s natural resources! Did you know to make a single mobile phone, a lot of resources are required and but obvious in the process of getting these resources we do damage our environment.

It is but important to recycle the materials to save resources as well. Mining processes are involved to obtain some materials required to make a mobile phone and without any second thought, mining does have a significant and long-term impact on our Mother Earth!

2. Energy Saving

Millions of phones are being produced yearly and now imagine the amount of energy being used in the process. Recycling is the best way to give back to the environment what was used from it.

3. Reducing Pressure on Landfills

Due to lack of awareness, millions of mobile phones end up being thrown just like that and it finds their way into the landfill. Recycling mobile phones in a proper way alone can reduce the pressure on these landfills.

Recycling technological devices are as simple as they can get and must be followed to save our environment resources and energy!

Let’s see different ways of disposing of your technological devices

Give them away: The best and easiest way of getting rid of a device that you don’t need any longer is to give it away to other people. It could be your child if he is grown up enough to have the device or give it away to a colleague or relative for a matter of fact. The choice is in your hands.

Charity: Charity does begin at home. But if your electronic gadget is not required by any family member then you might consider giving it away to charity. Some charity organizations exchange these devices with recycling companies for cash that helps them run their charitable organizations.

RECYCLE: If you have been reading the article from the beginning, then the best thing to do is Recycle them. It’s easy and simple. Just make sure you have deleted all your personal details on your gadget before disposing of it.

So, while technological devices are great to use, they do require them to be replaced as they cannot be used forever. While you do dispose of them, do it the right way so that our environmental concerns are also addressed!

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