‘Reuse, Extend And Save’ – Buy Refurbished Mobiles Today!

'Reuse, Extend And Save' – Buy Refurbished Mobiles Today!

Technology has transformed and revolutionized over the years. Likewise, different innovations and advancements in hardware and software applications constantly evolve consumers’ purchasing preferences. The rising demand for mobiles and other electronic products has led to a significant rise in technological consumption. 

Electronic waste and its impact on the environment are often overlooked. Over the years, several practices have been adopted to reduce e-waste. One of the sustainable practices that people have yet to grasp is our refurbished mobiles.

Apart from being inexpensive, upcycled and refurbished phones and laptops play a significant role in controlling e-waste and protecting the environment

Why are upcycling and refurbished electronic devices necessary to save the planet?

The production process of an electronic device like a computer or mobile device leaves a significant impact on the environment. What’s worse is that its end-of-life disposal poses severe problems like the accumulation of e-waste and health hazards. 

India holds fifth place in the list of producers of electronic waste. According to a study, India was estimated to generate about 50 million metric tons of e-waste in 2019. 82% of e-waste comes from personal use like laptops, mobiles, and computers, 17.4% of the waste can be collected and recycled correctly, while the rest is dumped in landfills.

How can refurbishing and upcycling become the future of consumer technology?

To mitigate the social, environmental, and economic impact of actions, people need to shift towards a circular economy for e-waste reduction. Listed below are some ways refurbished goods can promote an eco-friendly environment.

1. Reduction in Electronic Waste

Continuous production of electronic devices on-demand and their end-of-life disposal adds to increased e-waste production. When recycling isn’t possible, it simply leads to more e-waste accumulation. Therefore, upcycling and using refurbished mobile devices may help to reduce e-waste production.

2. Low energy consumption

A large amount of time, effort, and human resources is required to manufacture electronic devices. It leads to massive production of harmful pollutants and energy, having a lasting impact on the consumption of limited resources available at present. Buying refurbished phones and laptops can significantly cut off the energy consumed for manufacturing the device.

3. Upcycling over recycling

Recycling is a sustainable option for removing e-waste. However, it consumes large amounts of energy. At times, it is highly inefficient for many electronic devices. Using refurbished devices can fulfil the motto of ‘reuse, extend and save’ by reducing the e-waste buildup.

4. Fewer carbon footprints

Electronic devices produced from search have a relatively high rate of generation. Moreover, refurbished machines extend a product’s lifespan. Besides, saves the properly functioning phone from getting dumped at the landfill and reduces environmental impact. It is, therefore, an essential step for creating a more eco-friendly planet.

5. Supporting the circular economy

Refurbished mobiles and laptops can be bought online at good deals and are pretty budget-friendly. In addition, today, many manufacturers offer free software updates, giving access to the latest technology at a relatively lower purchasing price. 

Final Takeaway:

It is high time we focused on reusing refurbished gadgets. E-commerce platform Xtracover offers refurbished mobile phones as an innovative, economical, and environmentally friendly alternative to new devices.

In addition, it gives the buyers a 12-month warranty for all the devices sold on the website. It provides the buyer with complete assurance of the quality of the refurbished device as it undergoes several layers of checks and tests that assure the product’s quality.

The device comes certified by XCQC’s 54-point comprehensive quality and performance check. Xtracover offers a seamless and hassle-free transition for Indian consumers of refurbished mobile phones.

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