Save The Planet, Choose Refurbished Phones

Save The Planet, Choose Refurbished Phones

Many people replace their Phones with the latest model every year, which causes a
lot of e-waste generation.  Developing new technology indeed emits a tremendous amount
of emissions, not to add to the e-waste created by discarding electronics. This is why we at
XtraCover believes that it is important to combine the need for electronics with a sustainable
way of living. Otherwise, with the incoming onslaught of technical innovation, we will soon
find the planet uninhabitable. XtraCover deals with refurbished phones, laptops and other devices.

How is XtraCover helping in this?

If we truly want to be ecologically conscious, we must promote a collection and recycling mentality. One of the motivations we starting XtraCover was to provide individuals with an environmentally friendly method to acquire their next refurbished phones, Laptops, Tablets, or even other expensive tech gadgets and smartphones. We love our electronics and the planet simultaneously in this way.

Purchasing refurbished mobiles reduces waste in several ways. To begin with, by reducing the number of innovations that must be manufactured, you are also reducing the amount of contamination and excavation that is intended to produce the major ingredients for the new technology.

Second, by purchasing a used Phone, you are preventing it from being discarded inappropriately or ending up in a landfill. We will generate less garbage as a society if we reuse our electronics more. The same may be said for many of the items we use.

One Use Refurbished iPhone at a Time to Save the Environment

Many subtle tips about being sustainable and environment-friendly can be found on our website. Under every product, you’ll see how much garbage you’ll reduce by purchasing it, as well as how much revenue you’ll save because you’re not purchasing it directly. Because of our careful refurbishment standards, you can rest assured that all of our items have been properly inspected and certified. 

We also offer refund and exchange services so that you can be a hundred per cent satisfied with your purchase. We aim to provide everyone with affordable electronics and reduce the strain on the environment at the same time. 

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