Should You Buy a Refurbished iPhone 8?

Should You Buy a Refurbished iPhone 8?

The iPhone 8, with its look comparable to that of the most recent iPhone generation
since the launching of the iPhone 6, appears to offer nothing new upon first inspection. 
Though much less mediatized than the iPhone X, it still packs the same punch at a
significantly lower price.

Is a refurbished iPhone 8 a good option to buy?

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Here is a look at some of the specifications of the iPhone 8:

1. Design

The device’s back is coated in glass, allowing it to be recharged electronically by magnetism. Apart from the iPhone 8, the iPhone 7 has the benefit of being IP67-rated, which means it is resistant to dust and watertight. A reasonable comment, even if it necessitates the purchase of a Bluetooth headset or adaptor due to the lack of jack connectors.

2. Power

The big innovation comes in the speed department; the iPhone 8 is packed with the latest iPhone A11 Bionic processor, exactly like the iPhone X. This puts it as one of the most efficient devices on the market, outperforming its rivals by almost a factor of two. The iPhone 7 was already quite comfortable in this regard, but the Apple company has outdone itself with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

3. Battery

On this test, the iPhone 8’s score is remarkably similar to that of its forerunner. With extensive use, it can last until the night, and with medium use, it can linger until the next day.

4. Camera

The iPhone 8 is still one of the greatest photophones accessible, but it doesn’t stand out as much as the iPhone 7. Apart from a few minor changes, the 12 MP rear sensor and its stabilised optics with an aperture of f/1.8 remain unchanged. With more apparent micro-contrast and a hotter white balance, you can sense the evolution in a picture control. The 7MP front camera, while not revolutionary in the area of selfies, continues to be a key investment.

In conclusion:

Despite the lack of a fresh look and the fact that problems are tough to find, the iPhone 8’s features make it one of the top options under 5 inches in the industry. Even if it isn’t the most groundbreaking model available, its additional features, such as unrivalled performance, a convenient and engaging traction battery, and a unique and creative command centre, make it appealing. 

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