Things to consider before buying refurbished phones


When you feel your current phone has become outdated or is giving you problems, it is probably time for a new phone. However, for various reasons, you may not be able to buy a brand new phone. This is why various shops deal with refurbished phones. People often sell or return their new phones for technical issues or simply to buy an updated version. These returned phones then undergo testing, repairing and other checks before they are sold as refurbished mobiles.

Factors to keep in mind before purchasing a refurbished phone

Before you make a hasty decision and buy a refurbished phone, you should consider some factors that will only help you make a better purchase.

Factory settings

Before buying the refurbished phone, make sure that the factory settings have been reset. This means that the owner before you does not have any of their information stored inside. This will allow you to set the phone according to your liking and convenience. If you see that there remains information or data of the previous owner, then the phone has not been refurbished or repaired properly. In this case, it is best not to purchase it or you can let the seller know to get it fixed.

Warranty and return policy

One of the main reasons why people are choosing a refurbished mobile over a second hand mobile is the warranty provided. With a refurbished device, chances are it was previously damaged or had some sort of fault. Therefore having a warranty period or a return policy is important as it protects you from any resurfacing problem that may occur. If the phone does not have such a policy, you should think twice before purchasing it.

Intact accessories

With a phone comes a charger, a pair of earphones and a USB wire. These things should also be present while selecting refurbished phones. You should always check whether the charger is compatible with the model of the phone. In case a fake one is provided, it may seriously affect the battery and the performance of the phone. The earphones and USB ports should also be tried out just to make sure they are functional. If these accessories are not working, you will do better to move on.

The price of the phone

The price is why you are attracted to refurbished mobiles. In most cases, the price of a model depreciates with time and you can but that easily. However, if you still get a much cheaper offer through refurbishment, you should go for it. Make sure you choose a phone that does not pinch your pocket, has been refurbished by an experienced technician, and has a warranty.

Xtracover is a one-stop destination for all those looking for refurbished phones and other devices. They believe using refurbished phones is far better than purchasing a second hand mobile. They make sure each phone undergoes 36 quality parameters so that the quality is not compromised. Moreover, they also provide a one year warranty on all refurbished phones, which adds to the protection given to the customer. Therefore if you need a refurbished mobile at a reasonable price, Xtracover deserves a visit.

In recent times, people have accepted the concept of refurbishment as a means to satisfy their technological needs. With providers like Xtracover, looking for refurbished products has never been easier.

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