Which is the Best-Refurbished Phone to Buy in 2021?

What is the meaning of a refurbished phone? Refurbished phones are newly bought phones that were returned to the retailer for being damaged or broken. Later, repaired and inspected to be resold with the label “refurbished” including a backup warranty at a lower price.

Most of the reputable companies go through a rigorous inspection and diagnosis to make sure the refurbished phone is free from any defects, malware or any preinstalled data.

Otherwise, there is no way for a novice to identify whether the phone was correctly refurbished or not.

The main difference between used mobile phones and refurbished phones is that refurbished phones are completely checked before they are selling it once again.

While, in contrast, used phones do not bear that guarantee. Used phones are not factory repaired since these phones function properly without any defects.

Refurbished phones come with repairing charges, that is why they cost more than used mobile phones.

Smartphones are not just a tool to use to get connected with others. Smartphones have become a camera, fitness tracker, gaming station, library, personal diary and whatnot.

They are an integral part of your lives. Whenever the latest model is launched, the attractive look, lucrative facilities make you thrilled, and you want to own it.

Most of the time, the high factory pricing becomes an obstacle, so, you opt for the refurbished version because it is cheaper at the same time it is good as new. 

Factors to Check Before you buy a Refurbished Phone

Another reason for you to buy a refurbished phone is that this way you are helping the environment. It is said that smartphones contribute to growing e-waste containing components that are harmful to the environment.

When you are buying a refurbished phone, you are saving the phone from ending up in a junkyard.   

Before moving forward to buy a refurbished phone, you must keep in mind certain factors:


Warranty is the only way you can return if you find any defects on the refurbished phone after buying. So, if you buy a refurbished phone without a warranty, you are taking a considerable risk.

You must look for at least 12 months warranty, only then you will receive a refund or a replacement if the phone fails to aquire an acceptable quality.

Although for some retailers, intentional or accidental physical damage does not come within this warranty. 

The condition of the phone:

It is smart to check the condition of the accessories that come with the phone thoroughly before buying. A damaged or a fake charger or any other accessory can ruin the phone’s performance.

Model history:

Before getting a refurbished phone, check the model history to learn about any operational issue or mechanical glitch.

Valid invoice:

Valid bill or invoice is mandatory when you are buying a refurbished phone. It is the only way to return the phone if any fault turns up.  

Factory settings:

The refurbished phone needs clearance of all the preinstalled data. The phone should be in a factory setting. It will ensure that the customer can set the phone according to his or her personal choice. If there is any evidence of the previous ownership, it will refer that the phone was not properly refurbished. 

The price:

The whole point of buying a refurbished phone is that it always costs much less than the brand new versions. So, check for the price before purchasing.

For example, Apple iPhone XR (128 GB) Black is originally priced somewhere around 52k, while a refurbished model will cost about 13k. Unbelievable right? 

Finance schemes:

Some finance schemes make it convenient for a customer to buy a refurbished phone by providing easy EMIs, you might check for those. 

Best refurbished phone one can opt for in 2021

Now, we know the main factors to look for before getting a refurbished phone, let us check which is the best-refurbished phone to buy in 2021:

Based on our research available on the market, if you are looking for the best-refurbished phone to buy, you must opt for a refurbished iPhone.

Apple supports its older devices for longer than other manufacturers with constant software updates. Authentic refurbished iPhone retailers put phones through multiple stages of testing to make sure that everything from the microphone, touchscreen, to the camera works perfectly. 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro (64 GB)

It is the first iPhone that justifies the name Pro. 5.8 inch long the phone comes with a Super Retina XDR OLED display. This phone provides a transformative triple camera system that has a wide range of capability without complexity.

The battery life is unparalleled; it has a wireless charger. The phone contains a Bionic chip that pushes boundaries of the abilities of a smartphone by doubling down on machine learning. The phone is water and dust resistant.

If you are looking for significant savings, buying a refurbished iPhone is a good idea. You can purchase genuine accessories, cables and operating system from XtraCover for additional coverage.

Moreover, look for the date of the manufacturer before buying a refurbished iPhone. If it is older than six years, the speed will drop.

If you want to check whether your iPhone is refurbished, personalised, new or replacement model, go to Settings option on your iPhone, then click on the General and select “About”. Now, look for the model identifier that will say “FN998LL/A”. 

  • M stands for a new device.
  • F stands for a refurbished device.
  • N stands for a replacement device.
  • P stands for a personalised device.  

Wrapping Up 

The Government of India has launched the Digital India campaign to ensure digital services to reach among the broadest population. Internet connectivity is gaining strength; vending of refurbished phones have been increased to serve that purpose.

There are plenty of companies that offer refurbished models; you need to look for the authentic ones based on the factors as mentioned above to get the best outcome.

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