Why Choosing Unboxed Refurbished Mobile Phones in India is the best option?


There was a time in India when refurbished Mobiles were seen with a lot of suspicions and people even chose to buy a cheap phone with poor specs rather than invest in a fully loaded refurbished phone. 

However, with better suppliers and more established companies getting into the business; the scenario has changed dramatically. These are now authorised sellers who provide affordable phones to customers which have been tested and professionally restored. 

The phones that are offered by authorised refurbished phone sellers are mostly used-mobile phones, phones with minor manufacturing defects, display pieces and new unboxed refurbished phones. 

If you are looking for a new fully loaded phone and that too at an affordable price; an unboxed refurbished phone is one of the best options available for you. In this blog, we’ll look at what unboxed refurbished phones are, and, why they make for a great phone for you:

What is Unboxed refurbished phone? 

There are many different kinds of refurbished phone but unboxed refurbished phone are the ones which a buyer has either returned almost immediately after opening or returned after very little usage. These may have been returned because of damages like dents and scratches on the body or some minor technical issues. 

Once these devices are returned by the customer; all their defects and problems are corrected, following which extensive tests are conducted on the phone to assess its quality and performance. Only genuine parts and spares are used to restore the phone. Only after the phone has been professionally restored; they are put for sale in the refurbished phone market. 

These Unboxed phones are as good as new and they are offered at a price that is far more affordable as compared to smartphones offered by top brands. 

In India, the trend for buying unboxed refurbished smartphones has seen a sharp rise. Many people who wish to have a smartphone with top specifications and features, but at an affordable rate; are choosing to buy unboxed smartphones. 

Now that we understand what unboxed phones are; let us now look at some of the core benefits of these phones. 

Benefits of buying unboxed refurbished phones

  1. Almost brand new

As we had discussed before, these phones are either returned immediately or after very little use. And they are only put for sale once they have been professionally restored by an authorised dealer or the manufacturer themselves. 

To put it in other words; unboxed phones are almost brand new phones in which some minor defects and cosmetic flaws have been fixed. If there is a particular brand & model of smartphone that you are looking for, and you find it in the refurbished market (e.g. Refurbished iPhone); it is certainly not a bad option to consider. 

  1. Cost effective

Your dream smartphone; that belongs to a top brand, and has certain specifications that you are looking for, can set you back by quite a bit. And this is why buying a refurbished phone becomes a good option for you. 

The benefit of buying an ‘unboxed refurbished phone’ is that; you get a suitable smartphone at a price that is a lot lesser as compared to the original. You may even find exactly the phone you are looking for and that too and a very reasonable price. 

Buying the right unboxed refurbished phone lets you have the smartphone of your choice at a fraction of the price. 

  1. Good specifications

You may have certain specs and features in your mind when you are researching to buy a smartphone. But, a smartphone which fulfils all your requirements may be outside your budget. 

You can, however, find an unboxed version of that phone for a price that costs far less than the original. This way you can get all the specification and features you want, and for a price that fits in your budget. You can also buy an unboxed version of a particular model to test some of its unique features and see if those features are worth the hype. 

  1. Warranty 

A warranty is a useful resource as it allows you to use your Smartphone without fear. Whether you’ll get a warranty on your unboxed refurbished phone would depend on the where you buy the phone from. 

If you buy the phone form an established and authorised refurbished phone seller; you are most likely to get some kind of warranty. Xtracover, for example, provides a warranty of up to 12 months on its range of refurbished phones. 

The inclusions and exclusions of the warranty are something that you should keep an eye on while buying a refurbished phone and you should also check if the authorised seller offers an extended warranty option. 

  1. Professionally restored

Refurbished phones are no longer things that you buy from the back alleys of a market; they are now sold by professional companies which offer best products and services to their customers. 

The unboxed refurbished phones sold by authorised sellers are professionally restored. That is; only genuine parts and spares are used for its repairs and the phone also undergoes rigorous checks to test its quality and performance. Only after being properly repaired and tested; is the phone put up for sale in the refurbished market. 

Quality is a major concern when you go for a refurbished phone, but you can do away with this anxiety if you buy a smartphone from a trusted dealer. 

  1. Services of Authorised seller

If you buy a refurbished phone from a trusted and authorised seller; apart from getting the phone of your choice you’ll also be offered a host of additional services. 

Some of the services offered by top dealers include extended warranty, door step repair services and annual maintenance contracts etc. 


We are living in times in which smartphone are a part and parcel of our personal and professional lives, and surviving without one is simply out of the question. And, if buying a top brand fully loaded smartphone is too expensive for you; an unboxed refurbished phone is the next best choice. 

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