Why Onsite Mobile Repair is a Good Option?


Survival without a smartphone in our times is nearly impossible. But, these useful handheld devices are prone to damage and malfunctions, and they require a fair bit of maintenance and upkeep. 

Some of the common malfunctions & damages in smartphones include a cracked screen, damage caused by water & other liquid, scratches and dents on phone screen & body and damage to battery etc. 

Smartphones are sensitive devices, and no matter how much you try to protect them with accessories like Phone covers and screen guards; there are still chances that your phone will get damaged.

Getting your mobile phone repaired becomes unavoidable at times, and it is important that you have a reliable partner to help you in such circumstances. 

There are many establishments that offer mobile repair services, but finding a reliable service partner can be quite difficult. One option you can, however, consider is onsite mobile repair; which is a service offered by trusted names like Xtracover

As the name suggests, onsite mobile repair is a service in which a technician visits your home to repair your smartphone.  In our busy and fast paced lives, a service like this can help make our lives a little bit easier. 

Let us look at some of the benefits of choosing Onsite Mobile Repair

Benefits of onsite Mobile repair 

  1. Convenience 

Finding time to visit a mobile workshop in the middle of our rather busy lives; is quite difficult. But, survival without our smartphones is also not possible with many aspects of our modern lives being dependent on it. 

What comes to our rescue in such circumstances are ‘Onsite mobile Repairs’. It allows us to get our damaged mobile inspected and repaired from the comfort of our homes. Online mobile service providers like Xtracover, which offers mobile repairs in Delhi, send their experienced technicians to your premises where they inspect the phone and carry out the necessary repairs.   

You can ask the technician to come at a predetermined time; which makes the service even more convenient. If you have broken or damaged phone; Onsite mobile repair is one of the best options available for you. 

  1. Transparency 

If you get your phone repaired by a professional and trusted Onsite service provider; you won’t have to worry about things like quality of the repair job and integrity of the technicians. 

Onsite repairs are carried out in a very transparent setting. Whatever may the problem with your phone is inspected thoroughly and the repair is also carried in front of your eyes. If your phone cannot be repaired immediately and needs to be taken to the service centre; the nature of damage and the cost of repairs is clearly stated to you.

  1. Quality services 

By choosing the right onsite service provider you can ensure that the repairs of your phone will be carried out in a professional and ethical manner. 

If any parts or spares of your phone need to be replaced; you can rest assured that these parts will be genuine. The technician visiting your home will also give the best advice and tell you all that you need to know about the damage to your phone and the cost of repairs etc. 

  1. Cost effective 

To begin with, onsite repairs for mobile cuts down the cost of travelling as you don’t need to travel to the service centre. The technician who will visit your home will only take a nominal visiting charge, but the cost of getting your phone repaired will depend on the nature of damage. 

If you choose a reliable service partner; you can be confident that the cost of repairs, parts and spares will be genuine and not inflated. 

Xtracover Mobile Repair Services 

Smartphones are sensitive devices and are often quite expensive, and when it comes to their repair and maintenance you need to be sure that it will be handled by competent and professional technicians. 

The door-step repair services offered by Xtracover is one of the most trusted online mobile repair services in Delhi, and it has been a reliable service partner for many organizations and individual users across the board.  

Let us look at some of the qualities of Xtracover that make it one of the best mobile repair service providers in the country:

  1. Doorstep repair 

Onsite repair of mobile is one of the examples of Xtracover’s commitment towards its customer’s convenience. Xtracover has a team of trained and competent technicians who visit your home or any requested address so that you don’t have to suffer the duress of going to a service centre; you can get your phone repaired from the comfort of your home. 

In case doorstep repair of your smartphone is not possible; it will be taken to the Xtracover service centre where all its faults and defects will be corrected, and once the phone has undergone the necessary check; it will be again delivered to your doorstep.  

  1. Trained Technicians 

Xtracover has been in the business of electronics and Mobile repairs for a long time now, and with time it has become one of the most trusted names in this field. One of the main reasons why Xtracover has earned the trust of its customer is its trained and certified technicians. 

With proper training and years of experience behind them; you can trust an Xtracover technician with sensitive devices like smartphones and laptops etc. 

  1. High-quality spares 

Xtracover ensures the use of high-quality spares so that a repaired phone continues to function without any glitches for long periods. The technician who visits your premises will share the exact cost of the spares and the overall cost of the service. 

  1. Other services 

In addition to Onsite mobile repair, Xtracover offers a wide range of electronics related services. It is one of the most popular names in the refurbished electronics segment and also offers warranty protection plans on many electronic devices. You can also find an excellent range of mobile add-ons and spares on the Xtracover website.

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