Why You Should Get Your new Phone Insured!


Our Mobile Phones are now a vital part of our lives and there are many ways in which we have become dependent on them. Be it our personal or our professional lives; managing anything without a smartphone has become nearly impossible. 

Smartphones, however, are often costly devices and many people choose to spend a good part of their income in buying a decent phone. But, no matter how costly a phone may be, it is always prone to damage or theft. 

The prospect of losing a high-end phone which cost you a lot of money can be quite stressful. Keeping this in mind, an insurance product like Mobile Phone Insurance has been launched. In this blog, we will look at some of the features of ‘Mobile Phone Insurance’ and how they are beneficial for smartphone users. But, before we do that let us understand what Phone Insurance really is.

What is Mobile Phone Insurance?

When you lose you mobile phone or it gets damaged for reasons like liquid spillage, breakage etc; it can cause financial damage at many levels. And, in our times in which we spend a lot of money in buying a good phone, this financial strain can be quite big. Insurance on Phones have been conceived to protect smartphone users from this loss. We at Xtracover always suggest our customer to get a phone insurance so as to protect you from the financial strain of either loss or damage of your phone. 

Now that we understand what Phone Insurance is, let us have a look at the damages that are generally covered and what are the exceptions. 

Damages Covered by Phone Insurance 

Here is a list of damages generally covered by Mobile Phone Insurance 

  1. Damage of phone screen 
  2. Damage by fire
  3. Repairing or replacing of lost or damaged phone 
  4. Loss of phone by robbery or theft
  5. Technical malfunction in the phone 
  6. Damage due to liquid spillage on the phone 
  7. Accidental damage of phone 

It is important to mention here that before you choose phone insurance, you should read all the terms and conditions carefully and enquire with the provider for any confusion that you may have. 

Exclusions in a Mobile insurance

Mobile insurance also has its share of exclusions; here is a list of damages that are generally excluded from a phone insurance policy:

  1. Deliberate damage to the Phone 
  2. Pre-existing damages in the Phone 
  3. Loss of phone that is mysterious and cannot be explained 
  4. Damage to phone due to climatic changes 
  5. Damage if the phone is overloaded, and damage if the phone has been experimented with.  
  6. Damage to phone when it is in possession of a third party etc. 

Why you should invest in Phone Insurance 

Now that we have a good understanding of phone insurance and its features, let us now look at some of the major benefits of phone insurance: 

  1. Value addition to warranty – Protection against damages like theft & burglary, damage by liquid spillage etc are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. By opting for phone insurance, you add protection against a long list of damages in addition to the protection that the warranty provides. 
  1. Makes repairs affordable – Getting a top-end smartphone repaired can be quite an expensive proposition. Replacing any of the internal parts that have gotten damaged due to liquid spillage of breakage can set you back by quite a bit. By opting for phone insurance, however, you can avoid getting your phone repaired from outside, which is a risky proposition and you can also protect yourself from the financial strain from such damages. 
  1. Ease of filing claim – Many phone insurance policies allow for cashless repairs under their plans. The customer service also ensures that the process of redeeming a claim is as hassle-free as possible. 
  1. Insurance on used phone – Insurance on mobile phones is offered on both new as well as used & refurbished mobile phones. 
  1. Peace of mind – To put your hard earned money in buying a high-end smartphone and to then realise that it is either lost or seriously damaged can really spoil your mood and even put you in some financial strain. By getting a phone insurance done, however, you can carry your expensive phone in your pocket and use it the way you like without worrying about it all the time. 


A lot of people buy expensive and high-end smarphones these days, and, therefore, phones insurances have also become a common trend these days. It is best advised to get a phone insurance done as soon as you buy a new phone. However, before you get your new phone insured make sure to read all the terms and conditions of the policy carefully. 

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