XCQC in GCC Countries

XCQC in GCC Countries

XCQC is a smartphone diagnostic tool that offers all its users assured and standard quality certification. Recently, Xtracover has launched this tool for checking the quality of refurbished phones and used iPhones sold in the GCC countries.

To be precise, XCQC is a smartphone diagnostic tool that offers comprehensive quality check solutions to any smartphone buyer or seller. The tool performs an in-depth analysis of Android and IOS smartphones, like the internal or the external components and sensors.

The solution conducts health check-ups on all smartphones in real time. Additionally, the tool certifies the health level of the smartphone.

An overview of the GCC countries:

The term GCC stands for the Gulf Cooperation Council. It is essentially an economic and political union of the Arabian states bordering the Gulf area. The council was established in 1981 and comprised the following states as its members – Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

The prime geographic location of GCC is at the crossroads of the important Eastern and Western economies. Besides the efficient sea and air connections, the well-established and developed infrastructure has made it possible to expand and establish businesses beyond and above.

Over the years, the GCC has undergone several transformations. Today, it has become one of the fastest-growing economies across the globe. Moreover, the diversified growth has spread to several sectors offering abundant business opportunities.

Key features of XCQC control:

Xtracover has signed up a strategic partnership for launching the XCQC diagnostic tool in GCC countries. The aim is to check the suitability and quality of the smartphones sold and resold across the GCC countries. So, sell any smartphone with ease with the XCQC quality check at hand.

Some of the notable features of XCQC control by XtraCover are mentioned below. 

  1. Reliability – Offers transparency when assessing the health of a smartphone. It uses integrated mobile diagnostic solutions, offering effective quality control to business partners and consumers.
  2. Intelligent diagnosis – Xtracover offers several smartphone diagnostic solutions for mobile exchanges, returns management, servicing, and repairing purposes. The platform also provides multi-device diagnostic solutions to the targeted audience.
  3. Instant feedback – The diagnostic results from the XCQC tool are presentable through several different customized channels. It helps to complete the test and provide feedback in no time instantly.
Suitability of XCQC:

It is ideal for making use of the XCQC diagnostic tool under the following conditions – 

  1. To remotely access the smartphone’s condition when the user is trying to sell the device. This can be done while the mobile device is still in the hands of the user. It helps to reduce the handling time effectively.
  2. To prevent the occurrence of any fraudulent activity like checking for fraudulent claims made by some businesses or customers.
  3. To remotely identify a device’s condition before providing warranty coverage on that smartphone.
  4. Beneficial to offer a digital certification for smartphones that have undergone quality control checks.
Wrapping up:

With the help of an effective diagnostic tool like XCQC, carry out any such quality checks at any time and receive instant and accurate feedback without having to wait.

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