XtraCover – A Warranty Provider for Flipkart

XtraCover - A Warranty Provider for Flipkart

Xtracover is the exclusive warranty partner of Flipkart for refurbished mobile phones and
laptops sold on the e-commerce giant’s platform. Xtracover is the brand of Aforeserve Technologies Private Limited, an organization offering lifecycle management services and support for Mobile phones,
laptops and other IT products.

With this tie-up, Xtracover has become a significant partner of Flipkart, providing after-sales warranty support for refurbished mobiles and laptops. Xtracover undertakes end-to-end warranty management on refurbished electronic devices where the warranty is offered, depending on the type of product,  is valid for three months, six months or one year from the date of sale on Flipkart.

An overview of Xtracover:

As of 2024, India’s overall after-sales services market will be worth over 5.3 billion dollars. Xtracover through its e-commerce platform offers warranty packs for end-users that include Extended warranty for new phones, Accidental Damage Protection, Screen Damage Protection, HomeServe annual maintenance contracts for electronics and a Refurbished device warranty.

Other offerings include refurbished device sales, onsite and doorstep pickup & drop repair services, buyback of old and used devices from end-users in exchange for instant money and price discovery and comparison for those looking to purchase brand-new devices.

Apart from its own offerings directly to the end-users, Xtracover has partnered with Flipkart to offer warranty services to its customers via the B2B2C model. Now refurbished mobile phones and laptops that are purchased on Flipkart will exclusively carry Xtracover’s comprehensive Warranty – depending on the device the warranty period may be three, six or twelve months.

B2C warranty services by Xtracover:

Warranties refer to the assurance offered to the target consumers by manufacturers and sellers of a product when they are selling physical devices to them. The warranty isn’t expressed in the sales contract as stated by law. Nonetheless, it is explicitly offered to consumers as a part of the sales transaction.

The warranty statement may include assurance and commitment to fix malfunctions and defects experienced by the consumers after buying the product. This warranty lasts for a specified period. Xtracover aims to become a household name and encourage users to reuse gadgets and extend the lifetime of the gadgets instead of buying new ones.

The warranty services offered by Xtracover can be categorized into:

  1. Extended warranty
  2. Screen damage protection
  3. Accidental damage protection
  4. Refurbished device warranty
  5. HomeServe – Annual maintenance contract

Demand for refurbished electronic devices:

‘A customer is never out of warranty, even if his product is.´  – Seth Godin

Mobile brands have a tendency to introduce new mobile modes in less than a year’s gap. Moreover, new and trending mobile models account for the social status of the millennials and Gen Z generation. Therefore, keeping up with the latest and modern digital devices is a must.

In recent years, the demand for mobile phones has reached its peak, especially among students. However, opting for low-budget models may also seem to hinder its functionality and features.

Today, no brand offers a one-stop solution for all products lined up within the brand for quality spares or the best service-level agreement. To add to this, unorganized vendors don’t offer non-transparent services. It simply leads to further mistrust.

In a nutshell:

Today’s generation makes use of convenience over cost. Therefore, Xtracover is considered when buying refurbished warranty devices from e-commerce websites like Flipkart with warranty assurance covered by Xtracover.

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