Xtracover – An Online price discovery platform for brand-new smartphones and laptops.

Xtracover, a online price discovery platform for brand-new smartphone and laptops

Comparison sites are common for comparing prices and insurances of brand-new devices. Comparison shopping engines offer e-commerce websites and merchants the opportunity to attract potential customers. Price discovery sites help the customer make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Xtracover has introduced such a comparisons-shopping engine or CSE for e-commerce platforms called “Buy New”. It offers potential buyers of electronic devices a comparison of prices on different platforms, features and discounts that enable them to make an informed decision while buying. So, let’s get a better idea of CSEs, and how they work.

A general idea of comparison site engines or CSE

The comparison site engines are essentially channels for accumulating information about different products. It may include information ranging from the price of the compared products to the e-commerce retailers participating in it. 

According to some e-commerce statistics, in the last six months, 79% of smartphone users made an online purchase using their mobile devices.

CSEs like Xtracover display the collective information on different result pages in response to a buyer’s search query. It allows end buyers to compare any electronic device, be it a smartphone or a laptop, choose the device with the best price. Services are available from multiple retailers on a single result page. Choose the e-commerce merchant providing great deals, offers, and discounts

Xtracover refurbished and best price smartphones.
Working system of price comparison sites like Xtracover

As mentioned before, for end buyers or consumers, price comparison websites work like search engines. Typical search engines serve straightforward results without sorting out the price and comparing the products. 

Today, 80% of the shoppers used smartphones inside a physical store to either look up device reviews, compare prices or look for alternate store locations from comparison sites.

Price comparison sites working as search engines display products side-by-side, sort them based on price, and show relevant comparisons. 

From the business perspective, every comparison site is quite different. For example, e-commerce merchants might pay a certain fee and submit the required content like product images, URLs, descriptions, and prices. 

On the mentioned grounds, the devices are listed on the comparison platforms. Therefore, the devices on the platform Xtracover will be shown for relevant searches with their products compared by their price points and relevant features.

Benefits of comparison search engines
  1. Using comparison engines like Xtracover inputs data from buyers’ search queries and sift all the relevant companies, offering a list of those that may help the end buyer. Easily find the best deal without getting charged a penny.
  2. It makes users search for first-time insurance or a renewal quote quite convenient. It takes a fraction of the time that would otherwise take to receive all information on the screen at once.
  3. Offers a wide choice of e-commerce websites to choose from in a single result page based on their pricing plans, features, and insurance.
To conclude

Buy brand new products online by using Xtracover to find the best possible deal in the current market scenario. The buyer or the end-user is free to check the best price available for a chosen device and then make an informed choice, without having to spend any time or effort. 

On its basis, the end-user can choose the available e-commerce competitors for the device. Be it a refurbished smartphone, laptop, or any other electronic device, a good comparison free of cost can help improve the buyer’s final decision.

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