SellNCash: India’s First E-Auction House for Old Smartphones

SellNCash: India's First E-Auction House for Old Smartphones

XtraCover, an omnichannel marketplace for buying and selling smartphones and other
electronic devices have recently introduced SellNCash, a groundbreaking website that has
transformed the way consumers sell their old smartphones. This innovative platform serves as
India’s first e-auction house, offering smartphone users in Delhi and NCR the opportunity to
maximize their device’s market value through a fast-paced auction process. 

In today’s rapidly advancing world of technology, smartphones quickly become outdated,
often ending up unused and contributing to electronic waste. XtraCover addresses this issue by launching SellNCash, a unique platform designed to revolutionize the smartphone resale
landscape, providing convenience and profitability to users. 

Sourav Gupta, CEO at XtraCover:

Sourav Gupta, CEO at XtraCover said, “XtraCover is proud to introduce India’s first auction house
for old smartphones, addressing the needs of consumers in Delhi and NCR. This initiative completes
the loop of making XtraCover an omnichannel e-commerce enterprise. We invite smartphone users to join us in this transformative journey and we also look forward to expanding the auction model
to 5 more cities across India in the next 3 months and be present in 15 cities by the end of 2023.”  

SellNCash operates through a live auction process. Once SellNCash engineers complete the
evaluation of the smartphone, a fast-paced, real-time auction lasting five minutes commences,
where various local businesses in the city compete to purchase the device. 

Essentially, the platform offers customers the convenience of a free doorstep pickup service,
eliminating the need to search for a buyer themselves. SellNCash’s team of experts promptly
arrives at the customer’s location to evaluate the device and initiate the live auction process,
all within the comfort of the customer’s home. 

Moreover, the auction model aims to provide dual benefits. It ensures that consumers receive
the best market value for their old smartphones, as bids are driven up through healthy competition among local businesses.

At the end of the auction, SellNCash guarantees customers up to 75 per cent of the value of their smartphone at the time of purchase. With such competitive offers, XtraCover empowers consumers to maximize their device’s residual worth and recover a significant portion of their initial investment. 

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