Are your Smartphone Accessories fake or original?

Fake or Original accessories of phone.

As the global smartphone market continues to grow, the need for smartphone accessories, like earphones and a charger is also increasing. It is challenging to know the authenticity of smartphone accessories because fake accessories are hazardous for your smartphone. Most people sometimes use chargers or USB cables of other brands without thinking that it could harm the device. Batteries, USB cables, chargers, and other fake items are necessary accessories that even destroy your smartphone or badly impact the performance. Sometimes there is a minor difference related to forged and original equipment that is hard to spot. To ensure the proper functioning of any smartphone, it is necessary to use original accessories.

How to Identify Fake Smartphone Accessories?

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When you receive smartphone accessories with your newly purchased refurbished mobile device or get them from a third-party vendor, it is essential to know in advance whether you are looking for a suitable and well-matched product for your device. But, how? Here you will learn how to detect a counterfeit accessory:

Apple iPhones are expensive, and so are their original accessories. Nobody wants to buy a product that could be forged. To know the difference between a genuine and a fake iPhone charger, remember the following advice:

  • Verify product containers and inscriptions before acceptance. Apple-certified or original iPhone charger will have a description on the package and product label and is identified as an MFI authority. These images show that Apple devices are associated with a specific accessory and authenticity.
  • Apple always looks for a specific way to make its charging cables. The fake ones can completely copy its outer packaging; the interior cannot be faulty.

Let us have an insight of three most popular android companies that have a diverse technique of identifying fake chargers:

check phone's accessories originality
  • The main difference between the original Samsung charger and the fake charger is that the former will be solid; however, the latter seems to be somewhat cheaper plastic.
  • Also, fake chargers will always have a thick ‘A’ in the Samsung logo or ‘Made in China’ written on them.
  • The USB cable connector of genuine quality is closer to the body and good length. In comparison, fake USB cables have a larger connector and more gaps between the charging connector and the body, often breaking after repeated use.
  • Fake chargers get heated up constantly after a few minutes, while Samsung chargers last longer and don’t overheat during repeated charges.

The originality of the Mi Charger can be gauged from the length of its charging cable. If it’s not exactly 120cm tall, it’s likely a fake one.


To detect fake OnePlus chargers, simply connect the OnePlus charger; if the load panel changes to a “flash” immediately and remains like this, the charger is genuine. And the charger is a counterfeit product if it does not change.

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