Tips to make your smartphone last longer than you can think!

Tips to make your smartphone last longer than you can think!

A smartphone, if we go by the dictionary definition, simply states that it is a smartphone
that has functions similar to that of a computer. To put it in layman’s words, a phone
is your computer/laptop in your palm.

A mobile phone is no longer a device to make and receive calls or send messages,
you can stay connected to the internet and even run software programs like a computer.
Touchscreen smartphones make it easy for users to interact with each other.

As per reports, nearly 161 million smartphone units were shipped across India in the
year 2021. The smartphone user base in India is expected or rather predicted to cross 75%
by the year 2025. Also, as per research conducted by India TV News in the year 2020, the
average cost of a smartphone in India is about Rs 11,600 in the Indian Market. The premium
segment witnessed strong growth and today the top players in the smartphone business are
Apple, Samsung and OnePlus.

Let’s face it you might be tempted with a new iPhone launch or an upgraded model to your
smartphone but buying a new mobile phone every 2 years can burn a hole in your pocket.
But if given a choice and a few tips, you can keep your existing smartphone as good as new
making it last longer than average smartphones.

A few daily habits can make your phone last longer and help you save money. We’ll explain.
A good cover and regular cleaning/servicing is the first step in this process. No, don’t worry
you don’t need to be tech-savvy to do this, but sometimes simply just updating critical apps
or fixing bugs and glitches does the trick. The tips that are mentioned below are very easy to
follow and you can get into this habit anytime.

Keep Updating your Apps:

Never skip updating your b2b XtraCover apps on your smartphone. They are very important. If not done,
it can considerably slow down the performance of the phone. It is important that you timely
update the operating system as well as third-party apps so that your device works smoothly
and hassle-free.

The updates are just a click of a button and don’t take long but the benefits are far too many.
When you update your apps, you will see bugs being fixed automatically and changes in features
improve the overall performance of your smartphone.

Simple, on your smartphone, Go to Settings—App Store/Play Store and select the Auto Update App option as On.

Delete Apps that are no longer required:

With technology advancements, the latest smartphones are offering a huge amount of memory storage. You might wonder then why it is important to delete apps. Deleting apps that are no longer required at regular intervals will not only save storage space but will prevent these apps from unnecessarily running in the background thus making your smartphone slower and ultimately reducing the span of its life.

Simply on your mobile phone go to the App—Select Remove App/Uninstall that will uninstall that app from your device.

Physically Protect Your Smartphone: Buy a Good Case/Cover:

Yes, many feel the look and feel of your expensive smartphone are lost by “clothing”. It may be that even the slimmest case available in the market today can make your phone feel heavy. But the smarter choice to make here is to put your device in a “Protective Cover” to minimize the loss or damage to your phone in case of an unforeseen accident.

Paying for a screen repair or replacement can be a very costly affair and thus you would end up buying a new smartphone. Simply protecting the screen of your phone from breaking/cracking up can improve its life.

Regularly “cleaning” your smartphone:

Your smartphone is one such device that gets dirty very fast. We all have habits of putting our smartphones on tables and chairs or having our phones in our hands even when we are eating. This makes the device greasy and grime and hence does not make it pleasant to look at.

With a little effort in cleaning the screen and ports of your phone, you could be holding a shiny and clean phone all the time. Use a pick to clean out the ports, charging points, microphone speaker area and the headphone jack. Use wipes to gently clean the screen to make it germ and dirt-free.

Enhance Battery Life: Avoid overworking or overheating your smartphone battery:

There are many myths surrounding the life of your battery. For starters, it is believed that fast charging could harm your battery. This is entirely not true but yes repeatedly running down your battery to zero could harm the life of the battery. Secondly, overcharging your phone e.g., keeping your phone on charge the whole night or exposing it to direct sunlight only harms your battery.

Either of the situations affects the battery performance and hence contributes to a shorter life span. If these small things are taken care of right from the day you hold your new smartphone in your hand, you will find that your battery is still performing well even after a year or two.

Replace Parts Not the Smartphone entirely:

Let’s face it even if you feel you have done the best and followed every step correctly you will at some point face an issue with the battery of your phone. Many of us face the issue of battery charge dropping too quickly even when you are sparingly using your phone.

You may get frustrated at times seeing Low Battery all the time that you might consider replacing your entire device simply for the poor performance of your battery. Don’t do that- sometimes just replacing the battery can be cost-effective and add a few more months or even years to your existing phone.

The best way to go about it is to make a quick trip to the authorized dealer or you can use a third-party repair service.

Backup your Phone Regularly:

You must be wondering how a backup of your data help can increase the lifespan of your smartphone, and you are absolutely right! Backup is not going to improve the lifespan but when the time comes to give up your phone all your data, photos, contacts and videos will be ready in one place for the transfer to your new device.

Simply go to iCloud/Google Settings—–Backup and save your memories!

Follow these steps and you can keep your expensive smartphones living longer and healthier. Need to check the health of your mobile phone, subscribe to XCQC diagnostic today and save your phone from an early goodbye!

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