How the Mobile Phone Diagnostic Software is changing the Mobile/Smartphone Process Industry

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Mobile phones have become an imperative part of every individual and thus arises the demand for an increase in the number of smartphones and software applications that accurately helps you do a complete diagnosis of the mobile phone.

So, if you are in any way associated with the Mobile or Cellular Phone business, investing in a good diagnostic software is an idea you must not ignore.

Do we really understand what a mobile health diagnosis tool actually does?

Let’s face it, Technology how much ever advanced, cannot always be perfect and your smartphone or mobile phone is no exception. Your machine will definitely require a diagnosis every now and then. With time, you will experience slower performance and that’s when you need to get into action.

With the wide range of software available for mobile health checkup, it is important we know what role it actually plays. The main purpose of any diagnostic tool is to help understand and determine a particular condition of the smartphone.

A good smartphone diagnostic software tests and diagnosis your phone running on either iOS or Android to check for any issues with the device. You should be aware of certain critical parameters that are applied for appropriate and effective results.

To explain it simply, a phone diagnostic application will test your device for a variety of features in both hardware and software to check if they are “healthy”.  Your mobile diagnostic application is no less than your Phone Doctor!

The mobile industry is a big business and  hence to have customers keep coming back we need to step up and overcome any issues faced such as:

  1. Slow Functionality
  2. Repeated Hanging
  3. Connection Issues
  4. Upgrade Failure
  5. Battery Life
  6. Camera
  7. WiFi Strength
  8. Compliance/Legal Concerns & Many More…

Worry not when you face any of these issues, thanks to several modern diagnostic software’s the issue can be fixed in your devices.

The advantage? It gives you and your potential customer the real picture of the health of your mobile phone. Not only that it helps you rectify and take necessary action before it is too late.

An accurate diagnostic can help you make your existing process speed up and thus giving you greater profitability while reducing human error and labour costs. 

So, if you are a dealer in Mobile phones- either buying or selling you should definitely keep it on your priority list. A diagnostic tool is a boon in disguise for the Used Mobile Shopper Client database  as it saves them from the dangers of buying very low-quality devices. 

For those dealing in the Mobile Secondary market, a mobile diagnostic tool is a Must Have tool to ensure a long database of satisfied customers.

Knowing What Drives a “ Best Mobile Diagnostic App”

As  per the Financial Express, by the year 2020, India became the fastest growing second hand smartphone market and thus unfolds the need to have a good mobile diagnostic software to know how healthy is your “second hand” or used mobile phone. The following key drivers below will help you narrow down your search in doing so.

Mobile Phone health checkup with the help of diagnosis tools
1. Accurate Diagnostic and Automation Support

Advances in software, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are quickly taking up in this modern world thereby improving work efficiency with fewer workers (human error).

It is but natural that you must look out for a mobile diagnostic software that provides automated diagnostic results that are customizable as to which tests to be run.

An automated mobile diagnostic app definitely decreases the margin of human error and other manual procedures that are complex in nature.

The result obtained from a data driven automation process will accurately guide whether the device should be sent for reuse, resale or then ultimately recycled.

With the automated support in place, the mobile processing procedure not only doubles up but also reaches the buyers faster leaving a good buying experience.

2. Ambitious Costs with Best Fitted Features

Cost will always be a priority and a determining factor when shortlist your mobile health diagnostic tool. It is best to evaluate first how the features of the software match your business requirements as it would directly have an impact on  your labour costs.

One must also consider a software solution that goes beyond addressing physical capabilities. It is crucial for mobile testing tools to address NFR adherence, battery use, memory use, memory leaks,  network use etc.

3. Stableness & Upstanding

A good mobile diagnostic tool will be free from being worried about system failures or downtime. Afterall, system glitches can increase your costs and reduce your speed and accuracy.

In the industry, there are many software providers that are providing cost effective mobile processing software but fail when it comes to providing reliable uptime.

4. Incorporation with Test Management Tool

Your mobile diagnostic software should be able to integrate easily with other custom built tools so as to optimize better communication.

A Helping Hand: XtraCover’s XCQC is here!

So now that you are aware of why you need a good diagnostic software and how to choose the best diagnostic tool for your smartphone, one can easily understand its benefits.

Firstly, it immediately gives you the accurate condition of your device not only to you but to your potential customer. Secondly, it saves a lot of time that would have been spent on manual checking of the phone to know where all the faults lie and is also subject to human error.

So, if you get a lot of repairs, subscribing to XCQC diagnostic software will make your team much more efficient. 

XtraCover XCQC is a mobile diagnostic & quality check solution that performs in-depth analysis of a mobile device’s internal & external components and sensors.

Our Main Key Drivers:

  1. Reliability: Building transparency using integrated mobile diagnostic solutions for consumers and business partners
  2. Instant Feedback: The diagnostic results can be presented through customizable channels instantly
  3. Intelligent Diagnostics: Best Mobile Solutions for Returns Management, Mobile Exchange, Service & Repair diagnostics solutions.

We have easy-to-use solutions purpose-built for mobile refurbished devices. XCQC provides a one-stop solution for all product lines, quality spares and the best of SLA. Our strength lies in transparent servicing by a team of 20+ years of experience in service and repair. 

Value we deliver:

  1. Inspect the device (also in bulk) without physical intervention
  2. Determining the true price of the used device
  3. In-Depth analysis & industry-recognized certification on device health

Apart from XCQC, Xtracover offers Refurbished Mobiles & Laptops for sale, Warranty Services, Repairs, Buyback of used devices directly from end-users and other related value-added solutions for mobile phones and laptops. 

Visit us at  for more information. 

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