Learn about On-site Mobile Repair: Step-by-step Guide

Learn about On-site Mobile Repair: Step-by-step Guide

Smartphones have become one of the most important gadgets in our lives today and
rightfully so. Our businesses, social and personal lives are connected through these little devices. However, as much as we like to protect them for obvious reasons, things do not always stay great. Despite the best efforts to preserve our beloved smartphones, accidents happen.
An accidental slip, spill or drop is all it takes for our heart to nearly stop before our brain realises
the extent of the damage. Luckily, there are solutions for these, and on-site mobile repair is
among the best solutions. XtraCover brings your complete guide to onsite mobile repair. Read on!

What is the On-site Mobile Repair?

Cracked screens, battery damages, and technical malfunctions that hinder the normal working
of your device can not be categorized as wear and tear. These issues, if not addressed timely
can cause long-term damage to the system or even to the person using the device in some cases. 

The obvious remedy is to get the device fixed, but sometimes it is not easy or feasible due
to time, location or other constraints. An on-site mobile repair can certainly reduce the gap
between the time elapsed since damage and the smooth functioning of the device as it was
earlier and solve most of your repair-related problems. Onset repairing refers to the process
of performing mobile repair right at the site of the customer’s location to foster the highest
levels of convenience and customer satisfaction.

On-site mobile repair has lately taken centre stage due to its innumerable benefits over
the traditional approach towards mobile repair, where taking one’s phone to the nearest
physical mobile shop was the norm.

How does On-site Mobile Repair Work?

The process of onsite mobile repair is quite effortless and really boils down to three simple steps:

  • Book the issue: Choose the issue you are facing with your smartphone from the website menu and gauge the approximate cost associated with the fix.
  • Doorstep repair: Communicate the date, time, and location at your convenience so the technician can visit you and resolve the issue.
  • Assess and pay: Test the device for your complete satisfaction and make the payment.

Why choose On-site Repair?

The smartphones of today’s world are not only expensive but we have sentimental values associated with them as well. For repairs, you need to make sure that the service provider is trustworthy and the technicians are well-equipped with the right skill set to make it work. Repair phone through the onsite option and avail a host of benefits like the ones mentioned below.

1. Pocket-friendly 

Technicians employed by XtraCover ensure that you get charged only for what needs fixing – the costs are not inflated and a pre-assessment reveals the estimate. You save on your travelling costs because you do not have to get out of your residence to find a reliable service centre. 

2. Convenient 

You can pick the time, date and location of your service and the technician visits you accordingly. Doing this online is a piece of cake and get the problem solved in the comfort of your home. While visiting a mobile repair shop and waiting in line is time-consuming, it also leaves you at the mercy of the dealer. 

On the other hand, you have complete control of all these factors with onsite support. You chose the place, time and date of the entire process according to your convenience. 

3. Uncompromising quality 

The technicians at Xtracover are trained by experts and hardened by experience. Our company is backed up by a solid experience of over 20 years in the field of refurbishing and repairing devices like smartphones and laptops. The technicians also go through regular update training sessions from time to time, so they can keep up with the latest technological advancements in the areas of electronics.

With us, you can rest assured that your device is in safe hands and it gets top-notch services.

5. Hassle-free

The entire process of setting up the repair service literally takes a few minutes. Gone are the days of driving to repair your phone – the technicians assess and fix the damage right at your doorstep. If the nature of the damage does not permit this, we make sure the device is taken to our state-of-the-art service centres, repaired and returned to you right where our technician picked it! Why waste time finding and walking to a mobile workshop when that time could be put to better use?

Before delivering the device and after the mobile repair has been completed, the device is thoroughly checked through several tests to establish the accuracy of repairs, so you get a device as good as new. 

6. Genuine parts

In case the device needs spares to replace damaged parts, Xtracover only relies on genuine spares from the manufacturer or our legitimate partners who have their authority established in the market. What’s more, you only pay after you test the device for smooth functioning.

No matter the make or the model, we source the best parts for all your smartphones. Our technicians have repaired thousands of bent chassis, cracked screens and worn-out batteries and can tell the difference between genuine and fake from a mile away!

7. Peace of mind

With Xtracover, you gain absolute peace of mind. On top of doorstep service and convenience, you also have the assurance of completely genuine services. The damage assessment and subsequent mobile repair are performed right in front of your eyes, ensuring utmost transparency. The staff is also friendly, courteous, and possesses the right skills for all kinds of smartphone repairs. 

A few simple steps beginning with booking your visit online, reviewing the estimated costs and scheduling a visit would ensure that your smartphone gets the best possible technical assistance from industry-standard professionals.

8. Reliability 

The device is checked and fixed right in front of your eyes, in the comfort of your home. None of your data or files is compromised. Our customer support representatives are also available to assist you through any confusion, queries or status enquiries.  

With a vast experience under its belt, highly trained staff and hundreds of delighted customers, Xtracover has proven its mettle in the industry. Through years and years of hard work and dedication, Xtracover has been able to win several awards and set new standards in the industry. 

We are regarded amongst the best service providers in this sector and a host of testimonials from our delighted customers backs up our claims. With us by your side, you do not need to worry about your smartphone troubles anymore.

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