Top Reasons Why You Should Get an Insurance For Your Phone?

Top Reasons Why You Should Get an Insurance For Your Phone?

The term ‘insurance mobile may be unknown to some, but it is essential in today’s
world of expensive mobiles. A mobile insurance plan offers coverage for various issues,
including protection against accidental damage, liquid damage, theft, etc. Insurance for
your phone works on the same principle as general insurance, where you buy a plan and
pay deductibles and in return get a replacement or financial coverage if your phone gets lost,
stolen, or damaged, ideally within 48 hours of reporting the incident.

While most people do not think twice about going for home or property insurance, getting
insurance for your phone does not hold a relevant base. There is also a large section of
people who, by no fault of our own of course, tend to lose or damage their phones at the
drop of a hat, and often find themselves evaluating the option of buying an insurance
plan for their devices.

Top reasons why you should get insurance for your mobile phone:

Regardless, if you tend to incline to the former school of thought, or are pondering
somewhere on the border between the naysayers and insurance for your phone advocates,
you should read the following points on the need for phone insurance.

1. The cover does not always cover

It is undoubtedly a wise move to invest in a good mobile phone cover. However, one
should keep in mind, that even a sturdy cover cannot guarantee shatter-proof protection,
if you do manage to drop your phone on a concrete sidewalk. Moreover, a phone cover is
always a poor substitute for theft, loss, or water damage protection.

Therefore, it is recommended to invest in a quality phone cover and get an insurance plan. You can also go for a warranty plan, that will offer an extended warranty provision, just like the plans offered by XtraCover. They provide warranty covers on all electronic devices and, in particular, provide screen damage and accidental damage protection for mobile phones.

2. Freedom to purchase insurance for mobile after purchase

People on the lookout for insurance for phones, after the purchase, can heave a sigh of relief. They can get an insurance coverage post-purchase of their mobile phones. Most service providers dealing with insurance of mobile phones, offer a 30 days window to their customers, to take care of their insurance of mobile.

They can easily add insurance to their plan, within 30 days from activating or renewing a phone. This can be done conveniently over the web, or through a simple old-fashioned telephonic communication.

3. Value for money

It is well understandable that after shelling out a massive amount on a new mobile phone, you may not feel very sure about going in to buy insurance for your mobile, especially given the deductibles. But what you should understand is that the deductible on mobile insurance is much more likely to be lesser than the price of a new handset.

Most of the insurance providers present quite a good number of insurance plans to choose from. And it is advisable to choose one that you find most fitting with your budget. On top of everything, the right plan will extend to repair services. Insurance cover will make sure that you can afford a quality repair service for your mobile phone at a reasonable cost. 

4. Claiming is easy

By judging the lengthy and stressful procedures of claiming insurance for car accidents, one might get the wrong idea that it will be the same as filing a claim for mobile phones. The truth could not be any farther from this belief. When it comes to claiming mobile phone insurance, the process is very simple and prompt.

Do not let the fear of claiming hassles deter you from ensuring the safety of your valuable smartphones. Contrary to what you may believe, nowadays, almost all insurance service providers try to make the process smooth and quick for the benefit of their customers.

You can file your claim at any point in time, and you will not be on hold for days, or even for hours, for your claim to be resolved. In case, you have lost or damaged your phone, all you need to do is call your service provider and place your claim. You will be asked a few routine questions, and that’s it; your new mobile phone should be on its way. Depending upon the service provider, it usually takes two weeks or even less, before you can pick up your new phone, in person.

5. Peace of mind

If you think you do not need mobile phone insurance because the chances of losing or damaging your phone are very rare, owing to your exceptionally careful nature, you must take into consideration other people in your life, for example, a quick to lose her temper special someone or a child who might not know any better than using your phone as a rocketship from the balcony.

Let’s face it, the chances of mobile phone damage or loss are as likely as an unforeseen accident or burglary. So do not take risks and get your phone and possible repair needs covered by opting for an insurance plan. This is a practical move and will give you that peace of mind, you cannot put a price tag on it.

It is safe to say that the concept of ‘insurance mobile’ is necessary as the merits of purchasing an insurance plan for mobile phones outweigh the challenges for sure. And if you are one of those people, who get influenced by the magpie effect, and buy phones or phone covers only for their aesthetic value them, it becomes even more necessary for you to insure them.

As looks and colour do not often ensure quality, you can make your devices and accessories work for you over many years by ensuring their service. As discussed earlier, there is a limited window of opportunity for you to add insurance after the activation of a new mobile or renewal of an old one, so you must make it a point to check with your online carriers for the availability of the enrollment period and take timely action to ensure protection for your phone. 

Buying the insurance of mobile becomes an easy task with XtraCover. They will help you with warranty solutions, as well as reliable repair services for your precious smartphone and other electronic devices.

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